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The Spring Break Edition of the WIR: Part Two - Southland / Disneyland

Posted a little later than I had anticipated, but here it is!

I just realized that the stuff I had to drop off at Lez's house was done on this day.  I knew it was on one of the days I was at my mom's house...

My mom and I headed to Concord to pick up my aunt from work, then made our trip down to SoCal.  580 traffic through the Tri-Valley area sucked, as expected.  The only thing good about driving 10 mph through that freeway is being able to stare at all the hot guys waiting on the platform at the Dublin/Pleasanton BART station.  I wonder which one of them sits in the last train?  Heh. 

Made a stop at Kettleman City for some In 'n Hot.  Only a couple of cuties there.

I was trying so hard to stay awake while driving through the Grapevine and beyond.  I usually keep track of the cities I pass though, but once I got into Santa Clarita (Magic Mountain), I realized that I couldn't remember driving through Gorman.

Got to my dad's cousin's house in Hacienda Heights sometime after 11:30.  Checked emails, LJ, and MySpace (yeah, I'm that bad now) on dialup, then went to bed.

Started the day off by going to a Buddist Temple.  Went around, got a personal tour, then saw a major hottie come in.  He was pratically the only white guy in the temple, and he wasn't hot because he was the only white guy in the temple.

After the temple, we had a small lunch, then headed off to Fullerton College to see my sister perform.  We got slightly lost, but made it for concert band's last song.  Afterwards, as the CB was taking their group pics, Seth came up to me.  He was in band with me during my last two years @ De La Salle and his brother was there with the group.  I haven't seen him forever, and we caught up.

Seth and I got to meet their crazy bus driver.  Later on Seth and his family left for some fun time and I just sat around the campus.  Saw the jazz band perform, then drove back up to HH.  We ended up having dinner with some of my dad's cousins in West Covina, then I headed to Rebecca's in Alhambra, as she was having a little get together.  I met some of her friends and had an ok time there.


Got to the park at around 9:30, got in, met up with my sister at Matterhorn and hung out with her and her friends for most of the day.  Noticed all the hot and cute Disneyland Cast Members...mmmm!

Rissa and I helped Brett go back to Indiana Jones to see if they had his cell phone (which he left on the ride).  They luckily had it!

During the day, we rode some rides, realized that cellular coverage at Disneyland sucks (regardless of provider), and had lunch at the Blue Bayou.  We crossed over to Disneyland California Adventure, where more fun ensued.

I tend to not go on rides that just suddenly drop.  The Twilight Zone's Tower of Terror falls into this category.  When I was at DCA last time with cekyr0 and jeffercine I didn't really want to go on the ride.  However, my mood changed this time around.  And dude, it was hella fun!  I even went on it twice!  Allen was wearing moccasins, and during the second time we rode it, he took it off and it ended up hitting a random girl in the head, before it was suspended in mid-air then eventually falling down to the floor.  It was the funniest thing I have ever seen and could not stop cracking up with the rest of the group!

Soon, we migrated back to Disneyland, met up with their band director, and finally got a hold of Ken (who was trying to call me, but as I said before, cell coverage sucked).  We met up, I left the DLS/CHS kiddies, and we went to the Disneyland California Adventure Hotel for a couple of drinks.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that there was a Mini Gay Day going on at Disneyland.  Some cute guys wearing red shirts, some not so cute, but not that many in all.  Ken and I were drinking and talking and this one guy asked who were the two cute guys sitting over there, referring to Ken and myself.  He started chatting for a bit, and really started to hit on both of us (more so with Ken).  At one point, the guy showed us some certain pics on his phone.  Being slightly buzzed and being a little pent up down there, that almost took me to the edge.

However, that all abruptly ended when my mom called me, thus the cockblock post.

I left Ken and Paul and drove my mom and aunt back to HH.

Got up, went to mass, then drove down to The OC :P

My sister was seeing The Lion King at the OC Performing Arts Center, which is across the street from South Coast Plaza, the mall where Marissa stole that watch last season on The OC.  LOL.  Went around, did some scouting, had a cute AnF brand rep check me out.  But he kept talking with his female coworker the entire time.... couldn't figure out what was up with that.

We pick up my sister, and left before the bus did.  Traffic was horrible on the 405.  It took 45 minutes from LAX to Mullholland.  Once we got on the 5, it was so much better.  However, when we got to the 5/99 interchange, we somehow pass the bus.  WTF?!?  Apparently while I was in the HOV line, I missed the crazy bus drive weave in and out of lanes on the 405.

I decided to stop in Buttonwillow for dinner.  After we placed our order at Carl's Jr., the DLS/CHS band shows up en masse.

Soon, back on the road... Once we hit Livermore, it was pouring like no other, to the point where my wipers went on bezerk mode!  So from nice, warm, and sunny, to stormy weather... fun stuff!

Had to drop my aunt off in Vallejo and made it back to Hercules by around midnight.  I didn't make it back down to San Jose till 1:30 or so.

I really had fun on this trip, despite some mishaps and some c-blocking!  LOL


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