Rex (rapp81) wrote,


We're going to back track all the way to last Tuesday...
Roshnee's birthday celebration, or lack there of...

I have to apologize to Greg once more for not immediately noticing that Roshnee, in her drunken stupor, as her bare gut was all flabbing about and being slouched in that chair at Flat's, was trying to get into his pants.

No need to go into too many details about that part of the night.

I did however jumped over to Splash afterwards, where I caught up with some of the King of Clubs (koc_luvrs) crew.  Fun times there, as usual.

Nothing too exciting... went to SCU to the GASPED meeting, where they were planning the drag show.

Typical Thursday start.  KoC started off dead, but suddenly got slammed!  Some Santa Clara thing was going on, but nobody was clear as to what it was exactly.  I ended up staying a bit longer than I had originally planned and drove up to Hercules.  Got to my mom's, watched The OC on DVR and the end of the pope's funeral.  I was in bed by 4 AM.

I get a knock on my door... It's my sister.  I look at my phone, it's 7:20.  She overslept and missed her ride to school, so I had to drive her.  However, she was supposed to be on a bus at 7:30 to head over to Turlock.  I ended up having to drive her all the way to Turlock, in rush hour traffic and through a major storm!  Turlock is about 100 miles from Hercules and takes several freeways to get there (4E > 680S > 580E > 205E > 5N > 120E > 99S)  The only two highlights on the drive over: Hotties on the platform at the Dublin/Pleasanton BART station and a car fire on the other side of 580 in Livermore.  I catch up to the bus somewhere near Modesto and pull in behind them.  Soon, her bandmates look through the rear window, point, and laugh at her.

After three straight hours of driving, I responded to a few emails, and fell asleep.

Nothing else happened for the rest of the day

Met up with Randy, Cruz, and a bunch of their friends (sjh22a) in the city.  Stood outside of Badlands then went in The Cafe for a bit.
Not too exciting, but it got me out of the house and met some of Randy's cute friends.

Usual Sunday at my mom's, other than some furniture moving... meh.

So yeah, not a high profile weekend, but what can ya do?

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