Rex (rapp81) wrote,


Damn me and my lateness :)

The usual... Mainly chatted with aairn and Vernon for most of the night.  Went up to my mom's house earlier than anticipated.  Used the extra time to start rebuilding the OS on the main computer.

Spent pretty much the entire day rebuilding the computer.  Did go out to Fry's in Concord to buy some cables and scout a bit at Sunvalley :P

EDIT:  Almost got into an accident while making my drive into SF... There's an Abercrombie billboard, showing off their latest model in just a pair of AnF boxers.  Well, as I was gawking at the ad, the cars in front of me slammed on their breaks, right at the 5th Street offramp.  Damn!

Met up with Cari, her bf Sean, and some of their coworkers at The Cafe.  Cari always manages to get me drunk whenever we meet up.  Also saw sjh22a and his friends.  As usual, saw aairn.  Scott and I, being the XY stalkers that we are, saw and pointed out Wasafratboy at The Cafe.  Cari and her gang left and I hung out with Randy and his friends for the rest of the night.  We all went to Sisko's apartment afterwards, which was a good thing, because I wasn't sober enough to drive home.

Mike was puking and I got stuck into some weird conversation with a bunch of lesbians.  Eventually I did get sober enough, and was able to make my 25 minute drive back to my mom's house.  Luckily, Sisko's place was less than a block from where I parked my car :)

Usual family stuff... Did not appreciate the pastor's homily.  Basically he did his you should do this... crap, relating to how to raise your children in faith.  Let us kids decide, damnit!  Then he goes off by saying some crap about there are going to be those asking the new pope for Women clergy and such, further saying that those people asking for such things are not Catholic.  Um, sorry to have to correct you, but you are totally mistaken.  When I was in the seventh grade, in the nearby Roman Catholic Parochial school, one of the then Parochial Vicars (who, btw, graduated from De La Salle) discussed with our class his thoughts on the Catholic church and how they should allow women clergy and abolish the vow of celebacy in the clergy.  I kid you not!

Anyways, so I can put my personal catholic faith at ease, I went to mass at SCU.  The Jesuit priest had a better homily, not commanding us what to do, but guiding us to a better approach.  He didn't bring up anything that would be considered political agenda.  He brought up stuff college students can actually go out and think by themselves after hearing what was said.  The priest even jokingly brought up the notion that students at SCU may use thefacebook as a popularity contest, by having as many fellow SCU students on their profile as possible.

Class, exam, drive down to Oakridge to meet up with Adam and Scott (biglovescott).  Went shopping with Scott, then Adam and I went back to downtown for a bit.  After Adam left, I moved my car out of the street cleaning area, and as I walked back to my apartment, I noticed a somewhat cute guy riding a motorcycle.  As the light turns green for him, I walk up the steps to my complex only to hear the guy on the motorcycle honk.  I look around and noticed that there wasn't anyone else around the street.  Then I hear someone yell out my name.  It was Greg!  OMG, I felt hella dumb!  He was riding his parent's bike.

Soon, I went to The Blank for straight karaoke... heh  Stayed for a bit, then went back and crashed.


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