Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Yeah, I know... I'm post happy today, once more!

Because of that, this is a shotgun post! (I didn't want to shotgun the WIR, so deal!  LOL)

  1. Cake Concert... Does anyone want to go?  It's at the SJSU Event Center on Friday, 5/6 @ 7 PM.
    $25 General Admission

  2. I've decided to start using Connexion.  I've had my account for a while, but never really got around into adding people.  If you're on there, add me :)  (last name is Poblete)

  3. Anybody interested in going to Europe this Summer?  Preferably in mid-June or mid-late July.  I'm really wanting to get somebody to go with me :)

Ok, that should be it for today.  Shoot me if I post again with in the next 12 hours!

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