Rex (rapp81) wrote,

De La Salle may pass on proposed state championship FB title game

Every state in the country, except for California, has a state championship for prep football.  This may change as the California Interscholastic Federation, the state's governing board for high school athletics, has drafted a plan to institute a state title game for FB.

De La Salle essentially has been predicted to be the team to win the state title in the mythical sense, however according to Athletic Director, Terry Eidson, DLS may not opt to participate in the proposed bowl game.

The dates proposed for the 2006 and 2007 bowl games conflict with DLS's academic calendar.  Unlike most public high schools in the state, De La Salle models after the college/university semester academic calendar, where the academic year starts in late August and finals occur in mid-December which immediately follows with a two and a half to three week Winter break.  The prospective bowl dates occur during the weekend before DLS normally hold their fall semester finals, and according to Eidson, he and the school does not want their athletes to prepare for both a state championship game and six final exams at the same time.
"People pay tuition to get an education (at De La Salle)," Eidson said. "So from that standpoint, (not playing) isn't a tough decision for us at all."

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