Rex (rapp81) wrote,

I'm Already in Spring Break Mode Despite the Fact I'm Sitting in Class :)

Today's classes are not really important, but I decided to be a good student and go to them. As of 1:15 this afternoon, I'll officially be on spring break.

Let's go through the events that happened so far this week...

Sunday Night
Went to KoC... sang 3 songs, left early as I forgot to do a homework assignment that was due at 9AM on Monday.

Got up early to work on that homework assignment. Went into class and realized that I should of read the text a little bit more prior to doing my homework. D'oh!

Later on, I headed over to KoC for suicide karaoke. I originally wasn't going to go since I had to study for a midterm for Tuesday, but Geno coaxed me into going. I decided to bring my book to study. My original plan of studying at the bar didn't last. Mike arrived, noticed me studying, then started to chat. I ended up ditching my book because it was worthless to even to continue studying at that point. I got 3 or so songs in... all of which were in my range, but I struggled w/Madonna's Vogue. During the night, Mikey ([info]spawrhawk) kept playing with his new phone. I thought I was bad when I got mine. At one point, he was called up to sing, but he wasn't inside. We all assumed he was outside playing with his phone, and sure enough, he was! I even took a pic of him with his phone using my phone. (Moblog) It was a real slow night and the crowd quickly died and when I left at around midnight, David and Tim were the only others still remaining.

I had my BUS 160 midterm... it was blah. Since it was a once-a-week course, we had to return back for a group exercise. I should of just head on home :/ When I did get home, I had dinner, then fell asleep at around 8. I was originally planning on just taking a nap and set my alarm for 10, but I woke up to the alarm and said fuck it, and went back to sleep.

Got up early, since I slept @ 8 the night before, and worked on my BUS 100W assignment due at 11:30. I decided to not go to 100W since it was just another library thing. When I got to campus, I went to BT 750 to turn in my assignment. As I was waiting for the elevator, my 130 prof was waiting with me. I had his exam at noon. When we were trying to exit the elevator, we both did the you first thing to each other. We both started to exit, then stopped, laughed and he physically made me go first and we chuckled some more. How embarrassing.

At noon I had his exam, it was better than I thought. After that, I headed home.

I spent some of the afternoon on the phone w/SBCIS to ask what was up with my DSL re-rate. In December, I signed up for a contract renewal on the web for my 1.5/256 service @ $26.95/mo. It was supposed to go into effect within 2 billing cycles, but it didn't. The billing rep told me that there was a backlog from the holidays and she immediately went on to credit both my February and March bills and extended the offer for 12 months beyond that. This is after she told me that it was noted on my account that I called to inquire about the re-rate offer on December 2nd and the reps were told to take the customers' word that they did sign up for it on the web. It's weird that I get my called answered as soon as I'm transferred to the que and the fix didn't take more than 5 minutes. That's never the case with ATTWS... Hmmm

My mom called me a few times. Once to discuss a credit card bill that was under MY name and another to ask for my digital cam for her trip to DC next week. First, she has no clue how to use it. Second, I wanted to use it for my SB/SLO trip next week. Argh! I'll fight with her on this when I see her tomorrow :)

I chatted with Tim, my friend from grade school who's in SB. I told him what my plans were for next week. I found out that he's another The O.C. fan since he ended our convo by saying he was going to his Tivo to catch it. Heh. Chris and I chatted about The O.C. while I also chatted with Justin, another friend from grade school who's in Berkeley. Man that was an awesome ending to The O.C. last night! It was so great, I literally jumped onto the futon while still holding my laptop and yelled out loud.

Ok... that's pretty much the recap. I don't know what I'm going to do for the rest of the day before KoC. I'm most likely going to head up to Hercules after KoC tonight, so I can check out the new Fry's in Concord and do some shopping @ Sunvalley.

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