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Disturbing Grand Jury Transcripts Regarding Terrance Kelly Slaying

The San Francisco Chronicle published an article today, revealing testimony from witinesses relating to the case against 15-year-old Darren Pratcher, who allegedly shot Terrance Kelly with a .22-caliber rifle, given to Pratcher by a friend before the friends fingerprints were wiped off with a towel.

Recap: Terrance Kelly was the 2004 De La Salle graduate who was shot to death back in August while picking up his brother in his hometown of Richmond.  Kelly was slated to go to the University of Oregon on a football scholarship that following weekend. (Recap link)

Reading the article made me sick to my stomach.  The article gives insight to the testimony given and it's disgusting, to say the least.  To imagine that kids who live nearby my hometown are like this.  It's just beyond me.

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