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Before I start off, I want to say something to someone... CHRIS SANTIAGO!  Where the hell are you?  You're never online anymore and I miss saying random shit to you over IM!  Don't tell me you're out being a bum in LA!  Let me know you're still alive by commenting or I'll spam your CalPoly account! :)

So I'm sitting in class, chatting with Vernon on IM, not really paying attention in class, then the fire alarm goes off!  Mind you I'm in the Business building, which has the loud ass new-age Simplex alarms that shrill so fucking loud, especially when there is an alarm speaker in each classroom!  Thinking someone just pulled the alarm, we all head out the main exit.  I notice across the way that the Art building is also evacuated.  Yes, it was a campus wide evacuation drill!  And do you know what that means?!?  Yes, the entire University community is standing outside... Man candy :P

I bumped into Johnathan and chatted it up with him during the drill.  I also noticed Hollister / Nvidia boy from last semester, looking ever so cute, surrounded by a bunch of girls.

Later on, did the usual Thursday night thing.  Got into some minor dubachary at King of Clubs (koc_luvrs).  All I have to say about that is I got teased, and so did a couple of others :/  But it's ok, because there's some issues I didn't want to get into regarding a certain someone.

Slummed around, nothing important other than some interesting chatting online

I ended up falling asleep, but Matt (dancin_whitey) woke me up and I walked over to Splash.  Met up with Matt, Kyle (nikari), and Mark (wavewarrior).  Had an okay time.

Cleaned my room, or really started to.  I need to finish that job up eventually!

So, it wasn't too exciting, but oh wel... I needed a low key weekend.

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