Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Thougts on PTT

So I tend to geek out and surf the message boards.  One of which is  On the Cingular Orange board, a thread started off with the rumor that Orange customers may soon be able to get free incoming SMS.  However that thread immediately changed over to notions that Cingular may adopt PTT (push-to-talk).  PTT was first made popular by Nextel and Verizon has jumped on the bandwagon.

Seriously folks, if you need long-range walkie-talkie functionality, then PTT phones are the way to go.  If you're a teenager who's lazy to use use one-touch programming to dial someone and make a short conversation, you need some serious help!

I could never understand the use of PTT for personal phone conversations.  Luckily, at least in my personal surroundings, I don't hear that damn Nextel chirp as much as I used to.  But OMG... everytime I do, I just turn around and give the evil eye!

Folks, there's unlimited mobile-to-mobile on far more superior cellular networks than Nextel!  Are Americans this fucking lazy that they have to make the rest of us hear their PTT conversations, simply because they can't take the extra few seconds to make a phone call.  It's bad enough that some cellular callers are LOUD AS HELL when talking on a cell phone.  Having to hear the other side of it on a damn PTT phone just makes it worse!

Ok, there's my random, pointless rant for the day :)


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