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The usual King of Clubs (koc_luvrs) shingdig.  I feel like I'm forgetting to say something... if it comes back in my head, maybe I'll tell!

At my mom's house... started the day popping a load of laundry in.  Then in just a pair of boardshorts, went to wash and wax my car, basting an array of rock songs from iTunes on my laptop.  I must have been the hottest guy in Hercules at that particular moment!  LOL

Later on, I weeded the front yard.  Yes, I am a butch queer, damnit!

Spent an akward time at this party my mom dragged me out to in the Oakland Hills.  Meh

Then went home, rested for a bit, then drove down to Stanford for tag!  Took the Dumbarton over to University Ave, and as I drove through downtown Palo Alto, I couldn't help but notice how it was like any affluent downtown area, like Walnut Creek.  Mmmmhmmmm :P

Tag was abosultely fun as always!  Saw a lot of the usual players... and had a raunch convo at In n Out in Mountain View afterwards.  Jon said he always instigates such conversations, but Zeb asked all of us nearby if we do enemas.  WTF?!?  The convo got so raunchy, the straight guy next to us gave us this WTMF look.  It was great!

Most people left sometime before 1, but I stayed with the others till around 2 or so.  Had some interesting convo topics with Jon and Mike.  I ended up having this terrible tension headache, so I wasn't contributing much to the conversation, but I wanted to stick around.

Driving back to downtown SJ was a total bitch!  First, 101N was restricted to one lane from Regenstorff to 85.  Then I totally forgot it was Cinco de Mayo weekend.  Ok, not to be a racist bastard, but why must Mexicans become rowdy and violent when they get drunk?  I got off of 87 at St. John.  My clock said it was 2:25, so I thought the normal Saturday road blocks would be gone.  Then I saw activity up ahead on Santa Clara, so I tried to get back on to St. John.  Good plan, till I decided to turn on Fourth to make it onto San Fernando.  I could not head east on any street and was forced to go back on to 280/87 and circle around again.  It took me 15 minutes from the time I originally got off 87 to when I was able to park my car on San Fernando!!!  I look around and all the concrete trash cans on San Fernando were toppled over.  Fucking ridiculous!

Met up with the BUS 119B group to organize the almost 40-page research paper that was due the next day.  I stupidly volunteered to put the whole thing togeter.

Later went to KoC for a bit for Valerie's birthday, then raced over to SCU for 10PM mass.  Met up with Mike when I got there and chatted it up with him afterwards.
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