Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Off to Bellarmine in the morning...

I haven't talked about it, because it literally got finalized the night before, but I'm slated to do a Queer Panel at Bellarmine College Preparatory tomorrow morning.  Basically, high school boys (it's an all boys, Jesuit Catholic school) get to ask us questions relating to our sexuality.  There's going to be three of us on the panel: Two queer males and one female ally.

In prepping to see what kind of students to expect, I scoured the school's website.  After doing so, I realized that Bellarmine's way better than De La Salle!  No joke.  For instance, DLS no longer has any Computer Science classes (like they really did... Pascal while I was there?  WTF?!?).  Bellarmine has an array of CS classes, and way better technology.

I have to say, I admire Bellarmine for having such panels at their school.  Through SCU, which btw is also a Jesuit school, they have conducted these panels for the past several years.  I don't think DLS has gone through great lengths to bring awareness about sexuality.  Last month, I heard that DLS/CHS students staged a Day of Silence demonstration, but only to be ridiculed by the student body, saying that it's "so fucking stupid, this should be called 'do something pointless for attention day', seriously, company (theatre) kids, do u really need more attention?" (from a student on MySpace).

Going through high school, it was extremly difficult to accept my sexuality. No guys during my years at DLS were out, but the girls who were over at Carondelet were considered outcasts to begin with.  Those girls coming out made them even more cast out.  I couldn't handle that type of association.

Post-DLS, I ended up knowing other DLS students who started to accept the fact that they were gay.  Some, most of my HS peers wouldn't be surprised, but others, I think many of them would have been surprised.

In any case, being a gay student at DLS who, like me, are masculine guys who just like guys because they're guys, and out while going there was not common at all, and even to this day.

Noticing the time and realizing this may not be as coherent as it should be, I'll just continue this later.

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