Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Weekend Wrap-up, written in Santa Barbara

I just got back from the beach a little while ago (see some of the pics I took on the Moblog) and just hanging around Tim's house, watching Average Joe on Tivo.

Before giving more highlights about my trip so far, let me backtrack to this weekend's events.

Thursday Night
Went to KoC, sang for a few songs and stayed till the end. Drove straight up to Hercules after closing.

Decided to do some shopping @ Sunvalley. Met up with Nephi @ the new Fry's in Concord. We went inside for a bit. As most of you know, most of the Fry's have themes to them. Well, the Concord one has the Costco Theme. The exterior and interior resemble Costco. I gotta say, I don't like the layout of the store. All the shelves are 7 feet high and you can't see the entire store, once you enter. It's like a labyrinth in there!

After going around Fry's, we went for falafels. Funny how that went about because earlier, Bjorn ([info]entropyca) was talking about falafels and I commented about that. And yes... falafels are yummy! After that, I went to De La Salle to wait for my sister. First, I stopped by the development office to talk to Karina. Then I stood outside to wait and was chatting on the phone. While doing that, Bob Guelld noticed me and waived hello. I returned the wave. My sister came out and said that she didn't want to drive. Ugh. She just got her license and she doesn't want to use it!

Sidenote: Watching NBC4 NY... top news story: Stations of the Cross stolen from a suburban NY church. Big news day in NY! We just changed to CBS2 NY, and they just teased that story for their next block. Hmmm...

Alright back to the wrap-up.

Friday night, we went to a Asian buffet in Vallejo with the Punu family, celebrating Tita Christy's birthday that was a week ago. After dinner, I drove Rissa to SPSV for a dance she was going to. I then drove back to meet up with the family then headed off to my aunt's house, where us cousins just made fun of each other :)

This was the day of the second anniversary of my dad's death. We went to 7:30a mass, where the mass intention was for him. We then had brunch at IHOP. After that, most of the extended family met at the cemetery.

Later on in the afternoon, Mom, Rissa, and I went to Sunvalley. Rissa and I met up with Blaire and we went around the mall. Afterwards, the original plan was my mom went with Blaire to her house, and Rissa and I were to go to Costco to check out a digital cam for my mom. Then I asked my sister to call her and say just ask my aunt to borrow our other aunt's cam. She said ok, forget the cam then and go home. Great, I passed the 680N on-ramp. So I was waiting at Willow Pass and Market, turning onto Market. Then she said, get a new answering machine (the one we had is broken). So I said, ok... Fry's. Yes, I went to Fry's once more!

At Fry's, I didn't just get an answering maching/cordless phone combo. I got Bowling for Columbine on DVD and Karaoke Revolution for PS2. Oh yeah, baby!

Later on, I drove down to Sunnyvale for Mikey ([info]spawrhawk) and Anthony's party. It was great. Lots of KoCers there :) Even James was there... haven't seen him partying, not serving drinks.

I ended up crashing at their house and drove back to Cambrian to pack. I left SJ at around 1:20, stopped at the Costco in Gilroy to fuel up and drove straight to Santa Barbara from there. I made good timing and the drive was ok.

I got to Tim's and got settled. After that, we had dinner with his friend Steph at the Santa Barbara Brewing Company. Tim mentioned to her friend about how I always do karaoke and she basically forced me to go to her bar (hers as like Roshnee says Flat's is her bar) since they have karaoke there. So I did. Ended up singing only one song, Drive by Incubus to a crowd of a couple dozen. Apparently I rocked the house because everyone was cheering loudly, unlike the cheers given to everyone else before me. *blushes*

Their sign up procedure was kinda lame... it was a sheet of paper with 2 simple rules: 1) You can only be on the list once, until you have finished your turn and 2) Nobody, other than the singer, can be on stage.

After singing that one song, we called it a night.

Since I only had about 4 hours of sleep the night before @ Mikey's, it was hard for me to stay awake, so by 11:45, I was asleep.

Alright, I'm going to end this long post here and write about what happens next later on :)

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