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It was a good day and night...

...till I got back into Downtown San Jose.
  1. Got pulled over by SJPD.  I apparently made an illegal uturn on what I thought was a green light.  Apparently, one of the lights (which I referenced) was tilted the wrong way so I got away with it :)

  2. Found out that the blackout was actually due to some internal wiring frizzing out.  My apartment and the one next to us are both out and PG&E won't send someone out until the morning!

So now, I'm at Chris's old apartment, once more... Have homework to do and my laptop needed to be charged up.

What I didn't say in my last post was that two minutes after I just finished d/l'ing the newest Sean Cody (Patrick and Jeffrey), the power went off.  So I drained my battery and something else watching the newly acquired video :P

Btw, Jimmy Eat World kicked ass, although Leavey Center at SCU is not a great concert venue, acuoustic and crowd wise!
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