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Bad News out of Hercules and The WIR

Totally overdue... I've had a busy week :/

Before I start off, I want to talk about what Chris (crhale) informed me of tonight. Apparently the station he interns for (KTVU) acquired a home video of a bunch of black students from Hercules High severely beating up an Iranian kid in the bathroom. It was so bad, they did a liveshot on tonight's Ten O'clock News. Since it was a late developing story, it's not online right now, but it's most likely going to be rotated throughout the KTVU Morning News and Mornings on 2 tomorrow. From what Chris said, it was a brutal attack. He said he was disgusted and sickened by it. Without even seeing it yet, I am too. You cannot believe how outraged I am to hear such news. I'm really ashamed to say I grew up in Hercules. Things were ok there while I was growing up, but now it's just pathetic. It's turning into what's like the rest of West Contra Costa County.

Really, it's extremely sad. People from other parts of the county, for the most part, can proudly say that they're from their hometown. From now on, I'm just going to say I'm from Concord. I did spend my high school years there, so it's not a total lie.

Alright... on with the WIR

BELLARMINE PANEL: It was totally awesome! The kids were really mature (which I wasn't expecting), considering that they were mainly freshmen and sophomores. They asked really intellegent questions and were really interested in our coming out stories and personal issues through high school. It was the first panel I have ever done, so I was a bit nervous, but these kids were great. During the second session, we really ran out of time for all of the questions the boys wanted to ask. The greatest thing of all was how formal they were afterwards. Several of them came up, shook our hands and thanked us. You can't imagine how good and awesome that made me feel.

As for going to class, there was nobody presenting for my 7:30a class, so all we did was teacher evaluations and left. I didn't bother going to my 9, because the prof was going to be totally delayed... which is good, because I was able to do both panels at Bellarmine. My econ class, I walked out after 20 minutes because the sub was going over stuff I already knew.

KoC... Not a big turn out, but good night. Ended up crashing at Chris's old apartment because of the Cinco de Mayo mess downtown.

Hung out with Brian, Rachel, Kristy, Crystal, and Crystal's sister for dinner at The Brit. Then went to the Cake concert sin Rachel and Kristy. (Thanks again, zzar for the tickets!) Opening act Gomez sucked, but Cake fucking rocked! Couldn't get into LJ from the #'s I had, so I recorded some of it on my SJSU voice mail which I have yet to transfer over via bluetooth.

After the concert, we met up with Chris and some of his coworkers at The Brit. Then we all went to Flat's where Brian made us take shots of liquid coccaine. Brian managed to throw up in the corner of the bar right after he took the shot. Then Chris took that shot of malt vinegar.

And no folks, I didn't take Brian home with me, considering it was the last time I saw him before he flew to Greece. I did keep waving Chris's apartment keys to try to lure him, but to no avail. :(

Drove to my mom's via 680, the hottie route :) There was this couple of hot blonde guys in a jeep with the shell off driving through Fremont. :P

Stopped by Costco to pick up roses for Mother's Day and then met up with my mom and sister at Sunvalley... Mmmm... Concord/WC/Lamorinda boys :P

Had lunch at Bennihana, where they forgot about some of my sister's food. heh.

Mother's Day... Usual sunday stuff, then a late lunch with some relatives.  My cousin Blaire is such a dork!  LOL


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