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More on the Hercules HS beating

I woke up this morning and was actually late getting ready for class to watch KTVU's coverage on the Hercules HS beating.  When I saw the video for the first time, I really wanted to throw up.  As they were calling the boy a snitch and beating him like no other, one of the assailants had a smile on his face.  Really, it was disgusting.

Thinking about all of the TV news coverage that occurs about Hercules, I have to say that there aren't a lot of positive stories that come out, considering that there aren't a lot of stories coming out period about the city.

Crime in Hercules isn't as notorious as Richmond's, but every time crime is sensationalized on the Bay Area media outlets, it further diminishes Hercules's reputability as a quiet, bedroom community suburb on the eastern bayshore.  There have only been two murders since the city's incorporation in 1900, and both occured in an unresolved double-homocide in 1997.  A mother and son were killed execution style, with no apparent motive.

Hercules Middle-High School opened in the Fall of 2001 and this year marks the first graduating senior class to go through all four years at the same school.  Many who go there say the campus looks like a prison, with its grey cement buildings and a clock tower that resembles closely like a guard tower.

Most of the youth in my hometown really disgust me.  Sometimes on my late drives up from Mountain View, I would see random young people just sauntering around on Pheasant and Refugio Valley.  Nothing in the city is open past 11 (except for Jack in the Box drive-thru and the gas station by the freeway).  Don't you losers have school the next day?

I dunno... I guess I'm just tired of feeling out of place in my own hometown.  Yeah, I'm well educated, dress nicely with the clothes I bought at malls not like Hilltop, listen to rock music, and don't act retarded and violent at an impluse... Oh yeah, did I mention that I'm a masculine gay guy too?  I know I'm better than what is considered to be the new norm in Hercules, but I just hate the automatic assumption that I am like "the rest of them" by simply saying I'm from a certain city... Just like the automatic assumptions that go along by saying that I'm a gay, asian male.

Anyway, if you're intersted, here's the newslink to the KTVU writeup and video from this morning's Mornings on 2 broadcast.

EDIT: First, I forgot to say that the video was actually posted on the internet.  Second, here's another video from abc7

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