Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Wow (Drag Show Recap here)

I have to say, this week has got to be the best week I've had in a long time!

Tuesday, we had a rehearsal for the drag show.  Got the logistics and such down.  Afterwards, I went to the Taking Back Sunday / Jimmy Eat World concert.  Both bands kicked ass!

Thursday... the drag show.  All I can say was it was crazy!  Earlier, we established that the acts can be seductive, not slutty.  Well, having huge penis that ejaculates silly string... yeah.  There was also this hot SCU guy who was pulled up from the audience, sat in a chair and was given a lap dance by one of the drag queens.  The hot guy totally got into it, took of his shirt, and started riding her!  Scott (aairn) came running into the sound room and gave me this quick holy shit, are you seeing what I'm seeing? look.

After the show, I was talking to Scott, Chris B (Whom I haven't seen in like six months), Jon (from tag), and briefly with Mike.  Found out that there was a party at Gravity (Josh's house).  Scott was all for going, I slightly coaxed Jon in going, Chris was going regardless.  Scott and I stopped by Safeway to grab a 12 pack, then I managed to get lost en route to Gravity.  We were walking along Park for a block till I realized that if we kept walking, we'd end up in San Jose.  Finally, we manage to get there, and Jon was already there.  He told me he had to meet new people, as he didn't know anybody there when he got there.

The party was really kick ass and there were way more SCU gay guys then there ever has been at a Gravity party apparently.  Scott and Jon had already left, I was sober along with Chris, and Jenny and Amber were drunk off their asses.  While I was talking to Grant, a lipstick lesbian decided to pull down her pants to reveal something that just made me go meh...  LOL

Chris and I decided to leave sometime after 2.  He gave me a ride over to the other side of campus where my car was

I'll post about my drunkeness and how I stumbled back to my mom's house at 5:30 this morning later :)

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