Rex (rapp81) wrote,


Met up downtown for Steph and Christina's visit.  We were able to drag Greg out.  Started off at the San Jose Bar & Grill, where I had two pint sized long islands and a shot of Jager.  Then we all went to Studio 8.  Fucking posh straight clubs...  Greg and Justin couldn't get in because of their shoes.  So we hopped into Justin's Prius and went back to my aparment so I can loan Greg a pair of my shoes (Justin decided to go home).  Then back to Studio 8 we go.  I get another long island, and Greg and I get totally phreaky with each other out on the dance floor.  And in case some of you are wondering, Greg is straight.  Eventually, Greg and I decide to leave and I drunkenly stagger back to my apartment.

Now originally, I was going to drive up to my mom's house, as I parked in the Lion King garage (Lion King, because the curved neon sign, when viewed from an angle, looks like Pavillion Parking).  But I was way too drunk to drive.  So the last thing I remembered was sending a bunch of drunken IMs to SCU Mike.  The next thing I knew, I awakened to find out it was 4:15am.  So I get up, grab my keys, and walk the three blocks over to my car and drive up 880.  I get to my mom's at 5:30 and just crashed on the couch.

Spent most of the day up in Sacramento, for my dad's cousin's daughter's graduation from UOP Law.  After the ceremony, we headed off to Old Sac and made the mistake of having appetizers at Joe's Crab Shack, as we were full for dinner at California Flat's.  I totally forgot how hot the guys are up in Sac!

While at the reception at California Flats, there was this hella hot server there.  I decided to be sly and create mock SMSs on my phone which said "I haven't been to Faces forever" and "Let's hit the Castro next weekend".  When the server saw the first message, he managed to spill water out of my cup and then said oops, looks like I sprung a leak!  I sprung something else in my pants!  I said something like it's perfectly alright with a big smile.

Another time he came around and cleared off the table, managing to drop a serving spoon, which managed to hit my thigh.  He again apologized and said luckily it was the rice serving spoon, rather than something saucy.  Oh man!

Later on, out of pure boredom, I did some MIDI karaoke in front of my family, singing Piano Man.  I don't think I'll be doing that again anytime soon.

Went to Blackhawk to see the extended, extended family before they all left.  Mmmm, Danville/Blackhawk DILFs.  The drive along Camino Tassajara was yummy :P


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