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Please tell me that this profile and the friends listed on it are fake!

So Advanced Search on MySpace is still down, so I can only do simple searches, such as guys 18-30 within a 50 mile radius of San Ramon (SR is a good central city to use) -- I can't select sexual orientation as a search criteria.  Well, some boy who's like in the sixth grade posted a profile lying about his age.  From there, I clicked on one of his friends.  Are these profiles for real?  Are these kiddies from San Mateo of all places infultrating the internet with such retarded, sexual rhetoric?

What also comes to mind is the latest from the San Francisco middle schools, where a boy was charged with sexual misconduct after attacking a girl in the bathroom.  And apparently, this is a new trend among middle and high schools.  12-year-old rapists?!?  What the hell is this world coming to?

MySpace Profile referenced

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