Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Completely overdue WIR

In case you didn't get the memo, I was busy doing finals and finishing up my last days as a college student!  Thus, the lateness of the WIR :)

Last Thursday
Since my final on Friday wasn't until 12:15, I stopped by KoC.  Dave was there, and sat between Alex (cekyr0) and me.  I will just describe the night as interesting.  Really, nothing big, just meh.

Caught up on some sleep

Josh, one of my buddies from SCU, had a party at his place.  I showed up an hour late, but there weren't a lot of people around.  But once people did show up, it was good for a bit.

Afterwards, went back to my apartment, grabbed a few things, and drove up to Hercules

My sister's graduation from Carondelet High School.  The fastest thing I have ever witnessed, especially for CHS.  It was barely 45 minutes long!

They have this new setup, where each student is allowed only four tickets for the actual ceremony in the gym and unlimited tickets to the Garaventa Center (cafeteria) where there is a closed circuit TV hookup.  That is so an "Only at Carondelet" thing!  As I saw the faculty go through the procession, I noticed some De La Salle faculty filing in as well, including Rick Graham, whom I talked to after the ceremony.  He told me that DLS's graduation, which was earlier in the day, was about two hours long.  That's unusually long for DLS.

I also saw Emily and Dan Brennan, both whom I haven't seen in six years.  Both are the same and are doing fine.  Also saw Katy Wackerman, the cute, lovely girl who I took to senior prom and is one of the few girls who I'd go straight for :)  She's still finishing up at Sac State, also on the six year plan.  While thaving the "when was the last time I saw...." conversation, Katy brought up the time when I was in Cari's bathtub and Jason was hovering around the toilet during Jason's 21st birthday.  I told her, I remember being fed saltine crackers.  She replied with yeah, that was me feeding you!  OMG, I forgot how embarrassed I was about her doing that for me!  I still had the hugest crush on her at the time!

After the ceremony, we had a late lunch at Dragon Terrace in H-town.

Took a 50?, MC comprehensive final... took me 15 minutes to take

Went to Splash... had some persian boi look at me all slutty, trying to grab my attention (yeah, so not going to work!).  Then on my walk back, some asian guy in his 40s, totally a FOB but in a retarded way, not a queer way) says excuse me as he crosses the street at either first or second and San Fernando (I'm just walking on San Fernando).  I stop, he asks if I like gay people.  I say yes, with a questionable expression.  Then he asked if I like to have fun with gay people.  I told him no, sorry, and scurried away.

Question I keep posing: WHY DO I ATTRACT THE FREAKS!

Stressed about my last final, because it was the one that had the most work.  Final, 80% of it, was no sweat!

I ended up driving up to Hercules to do some much needed laundry, ironing of my gown, and other logistical items

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