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Graduation / Memorial Day Weekend IR

Went to Concord & Walnut Creek with my sister.  First stopped by Fry's to get my mom's birthday present.  As I was leaving, we saw my uncle who was working.  That kinda distracted me from the hot loss prevention guy who was checking my items.  Then went to Sunvalley, where my sister and I got some stuff for ourselves... heh.  Then off we went to Broadway Plaza in The WC, as my sister had an interview at Macy's.  I totally forgot how great BP was!  Gotta love 'em WC boys :P

Later on, drove down from my mom's house to King of Clubs (koc_luvrs).  The usuals and the unsuals (Chris Hale (crhale), Greg, Roshnee, Amber; Scott (biglovescott), Nick (slipsbyandstops), and Allison) were all there.  Thanks for the unusuals for showing up :)

Went to VF for a bit.  Didn't end up doing anything, because people who ended up going to Great America for gay day, did so the last minute (and I couldn't afford the same day admission price) or nobody was around.  Which was the best, because I had a long day ahead of me.

Saturday / Graduation Day
Got up, got ready, walked to the shuttle, and went to Spartan Stadium.  Caught up with Danny in line outside the stadium and Dave, who I had a couple of classes with.

The university ceremony was blah.  When we filed in, each of us took a picture with some faculty member from the CoB.  The graduate students had Mr. D, the kickass finance professor.  We had some noname.  When I shook his and, I gave this who the hell are you look as my pic was taken.  Heh.  Our keynote speaker didn't inspire, she gave a political agenda about how the "no child left behind" program should be abolished.  We threw tortillas and paper airplanes throughout Spartan Stadium.  One guy two rows ahead of us, wearing a sombrero, kept having us do the wave.  It was fun at first, but got old real fast!  We used the sombrero guy as a point of reference to spectators as to where we were on the field.

After the ceremony, which was almost three hours, my family and I shuttled back to main campus.  Had some lunch at the MIS reception then had the MIS graduation.  We recieved our proclaimations from the CoB dean and had our pictures taken.  Didn't really know anyone who actually showed up to the MIS graduation, but oh well.

Then my family and I went down to Oakridge to eat at BJ's.  There was no wait when we got there at about 3:15, which was awesome, but service sucked.  She forgot an order and was slow.  Since we were a huge party, gratiuity was already tacked on the tab.  Lame.

My brother and sister went home, as my sister had a party to go to, so the rest of us went to Valley Fair.  Since my mom forgot her wallet, I had to go around with her as I had means of payment.

The family went home, I laid down for a bit, then Chris picked me up to go to the party at Yoni's.  They had a keg and a fun jump house, those inflatable jumping things.  That was totally off the hook.  The party was cool, got some beer on, and heard some live music.

Slept for most of the day, then went to KoC for some karaoke action.  Didn't stay too long and went home

Had a BBQ at Chris/Amber/Stefan's.  Kept it pretty laid back.  Later on, went to KoC for suicide karaoke, which I haven't done since Winter (since I had a Monday night class), then trekked over to The Blank to meet up with Chris and Stefan.

Now, I'm packing and cleaning, making my unfortuante move back up to the East Bay... *sigh*  LOL

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