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Dumb Jocks

Topping the news in the SF Bay Area: Tasteless 49ers Training Tape on How to Handle the Media, leaked out to the SF Chronicle


This is yet another example of how professional sports has a different definition of the word professional.  And the irony within the tape... The former PR director says in the video that all of the player's actions... what they do will be noticed by the media.  The bozo must have been either oblivious or retarded, because how could he not know that making this video could have the potential of being leaked out.  Whatever.

He claims it was for a locker room environment and was never meant to leave the locker room.  Yeah, nice rationale there, dumbfuck.  I don't understand where jocks or those who are buds with them get off by defending a piece of shitwork that belongs in high school rather than a professional organization.  It really makes no sense to me.

And that gay marraige bit.  Hmm... I wonder why he, playing the SF mayor, was marrying two sluttly lesbians who made out on the floor after they were "officially" married, versus two gay guys doing the same thing?

It's shit like this that still plagues professional sports with homophobia and discrimination.  People like former 49ers PR Director Kirk Reynolds continue this horrible survival of what is all wrong in professional sports.


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