Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Ending a great time on the Central Coast

I'm sitting in Chris's house, just lounging around, because it's still a tad cold outside.

Tim's house is like 100 feet from the downtown shopping district. So in the morning, I walked around and shopped. Only bought two things, a pair of kahkis from AE and a pair of Quiksilver sandals from Macy's

It started to really warm up, so I decided to go back to the house a little earlier. Tim came back for his lunch break and we had lunch at Chipolte. During our lunch, one of the workers was going around making conversation. She came to our table and asked where I was from in the Bay Area. (We had a minor exchange earlier about me being a student from SJSU to get a free student drink) I told her the East Bay, then she asked where exactly and said that she was from Richmond. I then said, he's (Tim's) from Pinole and I'm from Hercules. That was weird, finding someone from West County in SB. She commented on how she meets people from the other side of the county, like Concord/PH/WC. Then the findings get weirder. I first said that I went to De La Salle and she said that she went to Salesian. She then asked where we went to grade school, and when we said St. Joe's in Pinole, she said, whoah, I went to St. John's in Richmond. This was all too weird. How would you encounter a random person in SB who 1) grew up in West Contra Costa Co. and 2) Went to a Catholic school K/1-12 (Tim went to St. Mary's after St. Joe's). Three of us, who fit that, in that locale, way too weird! Oh wait, it gets better! She then said she would love to live back in Richmond when she graduates from UCSB. Woah! Live back in West County, especially Richmond...? Tim and I gave each other the WTF?!? look. We then had the discussion about where we would like to live.

After lunch, I walked with him back to his office, where he showed me around and introduced me to some of the staff.

I then walked back to his house, settled for a bit, and went to the beach.

I stayed at the beach for a few hours, then went back to the house. Tim and I went out to a bar for happy hour appetizers and then went to his family Irish bar. (a relative owns it). We stayed there for a while, discussing a variety of topics.

I ended up going to the beach again... this time I got burned :( But not painfully burned, just a bit red There was some great eye candy at the beach. I'll write about some of the observations later on :)

I stayed there a little too long and realize that I didn't eat. Since Chris neglected to check his email, he didn't know I was planning on heading up to SLO that night. He told me that he was going out with his girlfriend (which I didn't know existed). The original altered plan was I was going to head up by 9. I ended up just moving my trip up to the morning.

Dinner tonight was at CPK, which was a few doors down from Tim's house. (Oops, I forgot to take my leftovers from the fridge. Sorry, Tim)


I left SB at around 9:15. I didn't notice that I parked during a street cleaning period, so the parking patrol officer informed me that I couldn't park there. Whew... bumped the ticket!

The drive up was not too bad... I got into SLO sometime around at 11:30. Chris and I had lunch downtown, walked around downtown for a bit, then afterwards headed to the beach. We first tried Avila Beach, but it was packed so we went to Pismo, where we walked along the pier and back and talked for a few hours, catching up.

We went back to the house to settle for a bit, then went back downtown with his roommate for dinner.

I'll write more later on

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