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Did some unintentional purchashing at Sunvalley.  There were hella O'Neil / Quiksilver tshirts on sale at Macy's (like $7/8 a shirt) so I bought some.  Then there were a pair of jeans at AE that were $19.99 marked down from $49.99.  God, I'm such a shopping whore now, especially since 18 months ago, I was wearing 32" pants and medium shirts and prior to that.... um, large and 36".  Now I'm buying small shirts and 31" pants.  I had to clear out my closet of all of my oversized, vintage (heh) clothing.

Drove down to Palm Springs.  'twas raining in the Bay when we left.  Did my usual speed range of 70-105 on I-5.  Stopped by for lunch at a Denny's in Sylmar, where a group of soon-to-be HS graduates were having lunch (mmm... college pre-frosh  :P, I'm bad!).  Continued on through the Inland Empire, where the sky is always a musky brown, never blue.  Made it to PS, settled down, then went out for the street fair a block away.

Went to this huge factory outlet, 20 miles outside of town... OMG, hefty purchases at the following stores: Quiksilver, Billabong, Kenneth Cole, PacSun, Club Monaco.  When I was looking around at Rip Curl, there was this hot, surfer DILF who kept trying on shirts out in the open.  At one point, I noticed he had a spinal tap done... why do I find that hot?

After spending most of the day shopping, and having my mom and sister freak out because my sister lost her purse (then found it), we met up with my mom's cousin and her family at Haliwa Joe's in Rancho Mirage.  I had a rasp-mar-tini and some overpriced bredded shrimp.

Went to the mall in Palm Desert, because my mom needed to find a dress for my sister's birthday party.  I bought a pair of 2(x)ist boxer briefs at Macy's, and a few necklaces at Hollister, where one of the brand reps was just wearing a pair of boardshorts and flip flops... HOT

After that, we went back to PS and took the Tramway up a peak (just like the gondola in South Tahoe).  There were a couple of hot brothers in line for tickets behind us :P

We were up there for a bit, then went back down to witness a drunken, white trash couple, peer their heads outside the staionary window and the platform below them was moving (the tram's platform moves in a 360 degree fashion).  The female kept yelling "hollar!".  I just wanted to push her just enough so she could lose her balance and fall out.  LOL

I took a nap, and ventured off to Hunters, a gay video bar that was a few blocks away from where we were staying.  One thing about PS... they lack continuous sidewalks.  What's up with that?!?  Anyway, there was a truely mixed crowd there and it wasn't too busy.  (most were probably in West Hollywood for LA Pride).  I ended up having a long island in a pint glass and a few Bud Lights.  I didn't meet anyone there... most of the guys there were either too involved with the party they came with or they were too scary to even approach.  Whatever, I just needed a few drinks and escape from the family for a bit.

Woke up to the earthquake.  My mom and sister freaked out, I just laid in bed going... it's just an earthquake.

Went to mass, then walked the short trek over to Hamburger Mary's afterwards for lunch.  I've never been to a Hamburger Mary's before (since there isn't one in SF anymore), and I wasn't too impressed with this one.

I ended up just sleeping the day away, got up, had dinner at a Mexican place in Rancho Mirage, then went to bed.

Drive back... passed by a jeep full of college aged guys from Marin County.  I would have tailed behind them, but they were driving way too slow.  And other than that, I just raced back to the bay, barely making it to the Concord Costco to refuel.


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