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Had a very exciting week, the first one I think since I've been back in the East Bay.

Last Tuesday, Adam calls me out of the blue and asks if I want to hang out with him, Brad (from TX) and Josh (really cute boy from Fargo, ND) who were in town.  Adam picked me up and we headed over to Corte Madera (Marin County) to meet up with the other two.  Along with them geeking around at various movie theatres, we stopped by the Marin side vista point of the Golden Gate Bridge for some sightseeing.

After that, more geeking for them with stops along Daly City, Burlingame, and Redwood City, finally ending at the Century Block in San Jose.  We ended up having dinner at Maggiano's at Santana Row, where I bumped into kor27 and timenchanter.

I would have either hit Splash or KoC that night, but Josh was four weeks shy of being 21 :(

As for Saturday... fun times.  Thanks to Anthony (SJSU "Shut up"), Alex (cekyr0), Jeff (jeffercine), Joe Ramirez, Greg, and Jon Chow for coming over for my graduation get together.  Yea, it was a small crowd, but still major good times :)  Special thanks to Alex and Jeff for the card and hot ass A&F Gift Card :)  You guys are truely the best :)

After the party, Alex, Jeff, and I drove over to the city.  We first hit the Metro, which I've never been to before.  It was really cool there.  I really like conversational bars, especially ones with cute bartenders whose pants kept falling down as he poured out the nice drinks :P  After the Metro, we caught up with Mike (nightvzn), who we spotted at the corner of Market and Castro from a block away.  We went to Badlands and met up with Gabe.  I was hoping the protesters were still there just so I can do something stupid in my drunken stupor...heh.  As we entered, we saw Scott (aairn) and met one a friend of his whose name I forgot, because I already had two pint sized long islands in me.  I felt like I was in Walnut Creek, because they called last call at 1:30 and kicked us out at 1:45.  Outside, we noticed some randomness and such.  Saw Andy, whom I haven't seen in months.  Apparently he lives in the city now.  Since I, along with others, weren't ready to either drive or want to leave, we decided to hit Bagdad for a bite to eat.  First, Alex and Mike needed to pee so they went off to find a discreet place.  As the rest of us waited I decided I needed to go to, but didn't feel the need to be discreet about it.  So I grabbed one of those hidious postings of this horrid 70s porn guy, threw it on the ground by the pay phone (across the street from Moby's, I think) and pissed right on it.

At Bagdad, when Jeff left a name for our party, he said "Homos".  So when our table was called, they were asking for "the homos".  LOL

When we finished, Alex and Jeff was nice enough to drop Mike, Gabe, and I off at our cars.

Now the lowpoint of the evening... As I merged onto 80 from the Central Freeway, the overhead sign said "Accident on Bridge.  Expect Delays".  I called 511, and it gave me a drive estimate time of 45 minutes from the 80 & Fourth Street interchange to Hercules.  That drive is normally 22 minutes according to 511.  I was better off turning around and crossing the Golden Gate into Marin and crossing back through the Richmond/San Rafael Bridge, but I decided to make the mistake of sticking through it.  As I drove ever so slowly, I was exchanging text messages with Mike about the traffic, since he too was on the bridge.  I eventually catch up to him on my right.  I rolled down the passenger window and yelled out his name.  I think I startled him by doing that.  Heh.  However, my lane totally picked up for a short bit and I passed him.

The accident was in the center of the bridge, allowing only the far left and far right lanes to be open at the scene.  As I passed through, I noticed a dead body just laying there.  Oh the joy!  Apparently it was a resutlt of a DUI.  (Newslink).  It took me a little over an hour to get home.  Alex even beat me home, making it down to South San Jose before I reached my house.  I was still driving through Richmond when Alex and Jeff got home and Mike apparently was drivning through the Oakland Coleseum en route to Fremont.  I didn't expect to get home at 5:15 in the morning when the sun was rising.

Despite the drive back from SF, I had an extremely fun night :)

Now this weekend... Who's going to the Pink Party on Saturday and SF Pride on Sunday?  biglovescott and/or slipsbyandstops, still planning on getting a room?
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