Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Damn Lifetime Originals

Thanks to my trusty satellite, I'm watching the East Coast feed of Cyber Sedution: His Secret Life right now.  OMG, why does Lifetime protray such cheeze, yet still able to keep people watching their shit till the end?

What I've learned so far from this movie:
Horny boys looking at porn for some reason don't close their door.

High schoolers have porn watching parties that are co-ed, complete with beer.

Some high school boys are offended by light bondage porn.  WTMF?!?

We never see the main porno obsessed boy jerk off at any time he views the porn.  How the fuck can one not even adjust themselves while looking at porn?

I'd like to thank Lifetime for continuing to produce such cheeze, so stupid ass mothers who watch such tripe end up being even more over protective than they really need to be.  The only reason I'm still glued is because of the hotness that's there.  So I guess I'm treating the movie as porn! :P

EDIT: Yes, I am pre-empting my usual early viewing of Six Feet Under for this.  How sad is that?


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