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Viewer Reaction to Cyber Seduction: His Secret Life

Here are some quotes from the Lifetime Message Boards (direct link to forum) about the movie.  The first two, especially the second one were fucking funny as hell.  The last one however, that mom was just plain retarded.  Your son's fucking eighteen (18)-years-old and he bought the laptop with his own money!  Stupid christian cunt! (Mind you I don't use the word cunt that often!)

By stuju2002   on Tuesday, June 21, 2005 at 7:26pm
First of all, this movie was hilarious. A fantastic satire of how stupid mothers are today. I was rolling on the floor as that girl smashed her head on the sink. No human being could EVER be such a horrible writer as to create such an incredibly unrealistic character as that freak. All sarcasm aside, Lifetime, you are a bad, bad network. You have perverted the art of cinema to crank out a new, sub standard movie every two days that either A: Take advantage of the fears faced by middle aged, over protective mothers. (Your main demographic.) or B: Create the illusion of the importance of the middle aged, over protective mothers. But however furious this movie makes me, nothing makes me furious than this sham, this MOCKERY of an open forum. I am a man, and if you women want us to take you seriously, than I dare you to stop being superficial for ONE second. What kind of a vapid, self centered uterus jockey would watch a movie to see a 10 year old in a speedo? Women love nothing more than to create the illusion of female empowerment and sisterhood, and that men are nothing but stupid bricks. But put down the pint of Ben and Jerry's, unplug your ears, and listen to this breaking news. GENDER MEANS NOTHING. Intelligence and inner beauty has nothing to do with your sexual organs. Women are just as vapid and simple as men, and men are just as deep and intelligent as women. Still don't believe that women are shallow, shallow creatures? LOOK AT THIS FORUM.

By beauxbatonsgirl   on Tuesday, June 21, 2005 at 11:18am
I just want to say that this movie was LAME. LAME, do you hear me? Lifetime needs to go back to making movies about eating disorders. Or a movie about someone with an eating disorder caused by porn! OMG that would be SO awesome! Like this girl watches porn all the time and because she looks at it all the time and is too stupid to realize that it's just the internet and really airbrushed, she gets an eating disorder that is only found out when she's 86 pounds and tries to get breast implants! Oh, and she has to be 16 and pregnant by the head football player who doesn't call her back ever because he's busy sleeping with everyone else. Tori Spelling could be in the movie! Wouldn't that be the BEST movie?! Lifetime, you may use my idea, but you have to credit me for the idea, ok?

By 3MuskateersMom   on Tuesday, June 21, 2005 at 10:35am
A Wake Up Call
I didn't see the previews of this movie, and just happened to flip the channel to it at the opening credits. I watched the part of the movie in the living room alone while my 14 year old son was with our church youth group at a baseball game, and my 18 year old son (who just had a his 18th birthday a few days ago) was upstairs in his room. I had already eaten, so when he came down for dinner, I went to the bedroom to finish watching the movie, in order not to "subject" him to the contents. I asked him to go and pick up his brother just as the movie was finishing. When the "mom" on the movie came on with the message about knowing what your kids are doing online, the sudden urge came over me to go upstairs and check my son's computer. I did, and when I clicked on History, there were two websites listed with words that I was shocked by. I went to one of the websites and saw girls dancing with their hands all over each other and then bend over with no panties on, which exposed genitalia. I was speechless.

When my sons got home, I marched the 18 year old upstairs and sent to younger one to listen to his CD's with headphones on. I confronted my son with this website and he would not look at it with me standing there. He apologized over and over again, and told me that I "didn't understand". He said he had tried to stop looking at this type of thing, but he couldn't. His dad is working out of town, and this was something I felt I needed my husband's input with, so I called him and had my son tell him what he had been looking at on the computer. My husband and I had a open discussion with our son about this and told him that this was not acceptable in our house. Our son confided that this was his only "release" since he doesn't have a girlfriend, and has only been on a few dates which knowing the girls, I believe there was not sexual intimacy involved. Neither he or the girls seemed to be sexually attracted to each other. My husband's input was mild and explained that even a "small" addiction could become something major and that my son needed to try to curb this before it became major. My son and I later discussed that I was a mom, but a person too, and I understand the effects of puberty and that boys do masterbate as they get older. But I also asked him if any of those girls actions would be the type of girl he would want to someday marry. His answer "no". Our discussion continued and he actually told me that maybe this was a blessing and he actually surrendered his desktop computer wireless card, AND the new laptop that he just got a few days ago with his own money to me. He was told that he would only use the internet in the living room with someone in the room for a period of time. He said that that he really wants to stop. Do I believe him...time will tell.

This movie is what prompted me to check my son's computer. We are a Christian family, and attend church every week. For anyone to know this about my son would shock them as much as it did me. He is the "perfect" example of character, was president of several school clubs, and is an Honor Student, a scholarship recipeint...
I've worked hard to always protect my kids...however, I have discovered that no matter how much you trust your children (as I have have mine), that temptatation overrides their otherwise logical mind in situations like this. For the parents out there that think this could never happen to them, it can.

I had thought that I was being safe with Parental controls, however tonight, I am purchasing an internet filter that sends reports of websited visted ("BSafeOnline") but never again will I think this we are excluded from porn touching our lives. Hopefully this is something that we can keep from becoming an addiction.

BTW, a lot of the posts are from teenage girls talking about how hot Jeremy Sumpter is... I think there are a few guys who said the same thing :P


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