Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Pride WIR

Wow... What a fun weekend!

I've been chatting with this guy, Mike, for a short while and met up with him in SF for lunch.  He spent the last month in the Central Valley and is now back in SF with his family.  He's never been to pride before, so we made plans for the next day to meet up at the Pink Party

First went to Concord for my cousin's birthday party, then went home, gathered my things, and took BART and MUNI Metro to the Sunset, where Scott's (biglovescott) friend Lizzie lived.  Drank and ate there for a bit, then headed to the Pink Party in the Castro.  Met up with some more of Scott's friends and I met up with Mike.  All of us just stayed out on the streets, which was packed.  Throughout the night, I bumped into Johnathan, Jack, Bjorn (entropyca), and Scott (aairn).  One point during the night, we saw this one dude jerking off in front of the BofA.  Nick (slipsbyandstops)jerked him off for a bit and then afterwards, decided to wipe the lube residue on my back... damn you, Nick!

Sidenote:  Internet hiccups suck!

Ok, back... After being kicked out of the Castro by SFPD at 1AM, it took us forever and a day to flag a cab!  Eventually we did and headed back to Lizzie's, including Mike who joined along.

Totally missed out on the parade.  Waited for the bus to get to Civic Center.  Ben even called MUNI and asked the operator to tell the bus to hurry up, and it came as soon as he hung up... or as the operator hung up, I should say!  LOL

Mike had to check back in with his parents, so I met up with him later.  Scott, Nick, and the rest of them didn't really stay long.  I kicked it with Cari and her friends for a bit, then hung out with Alex (cekyr0), Jeff (jeffercine), Gabe, and Mark in time for Third Eye Blind and En Vogue (yes, Chris [crhale], I did see them!).  Both totally kicked ass. 

EDIT: I saw an old classmate of mine who went to Carondelet.  Jenna Shriar was napping on the lawn and I woke her up.  Heh.  I honestly can't remember the last time I saw her.  I'm pretty sure it had to have been another time after our graduation six years ago!

After the festival, I met up with Mike again, and he trekked back with me back to El Cerrito to get my car to drive down to King of Clubs (koc_luvrs).  It was pretty dead, but worth going there, since I haven't been there in about a month.

After doing three rotations, I drove Mike back to SF and headed home.  Before we left, another Mike (nightvzn) came in with his friend Dan.  Earlier, I was telling the Mike I was with how many gay Mikes I know.

Now in just a few hours, I'm heading over to Yosemite to camp for a few days.  Shit, limited access to technology for a few days.  How am I going to pull this one off?!?  My power inverter, bluetooth adapter, and GPRS phone modem are really going to come in handy :)

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