Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Day 2 (Wednesday)

The day didn't start off too exicting.  Hiked a bit for wood.  Went in the ice-cold Merced River.  Joe and Justin couldn't soak themselves past their waists.  I went neck deep in the snow runoff water :)

Took a shuttle to check out the sequoias.  There was this hella cute boy wearing a UC Merced tshirt (is that campus even open yet?)  I was so checking him out, wearing my sunglasses so he wouldn't notice me, but apparently he did, because he was totally flirting back!  He kept adjusting himself, all the while smiling at me, and at one point reached up his short leg to adjust himself.  OMFG, I almost nutted right then and there!  If his family werent there (and his DILF of a dad) I would have so gone up to him and at least chatted.

Later on, my brother, Joe, and Justin called it an early night since they were going to hike Half Dome the next day.  I opted out of the venture because I'd rather do other things with my time then make myself sore and shit.  I spent most of the night reading the lastest issue of Instinct and taking quick glances at the hot latin wrestler across the way.  (BTW, I'm all pent up at this moment... last release: Monday night)


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