January 29th, 2004


The Rest of the Trip

We had breakfast at Ken's with the rest of his housemates. After that, Scott and I went to Santa Monica with Ken. First we looked around the Third Street Promenade and had lunch there. Then we went to the Pier after lunch and back up to the Promenade. Ken's a really cool guy. He does things that are retarded, like try to push me over onto panhandlers, but he's still cool. We did look at a few theatres, because no trip to any city would be complete w/o Scott taking pictures of them. We went back to Ken's and kicked back for a bit. Scott was really excitied that Half Baked was on. I ended up falling asleep... from exhaustion.

After the movie, Ken, Scott, and I headed to Burbank to check into our hotel. We settled in the room for a bit then met up with Becca, Liz (Ken's housemate), and Liz's friend Dustin for dinner at Islands in Burbank. Why doesn't Nor Cal have anything like the retail centers in So Cal?!? Scott forgot his camera in the hotel, so he borrowed mine to take pics of the AMC while Ken waited for the rest to show up at the restaurant. While waiting for our table, Ken, Becca, and I were in the foyer when Becca said something that made the three of us break into hysterical laughter. We had to go outside in order to not cause a scene. Becca made a comment about this heavy set hispanic woman and her high pitched voice. I don't remember what she exactly said, but we were laughing so hard she started to cry.

After dinner, we went to Dustin's place so he could change. Liz upset another driver as she tried to park her SUV. She got the spot first, but because they way she u-turned into it, it made her seem to be like a bitch. Soon after that, we headed over to WeHo.

Along Santa Monica Blvd., we saw a car with a huge LCD showing porn! It was funny. When I tried to take a picture, the credits were already rolling. Damnit!

For a Sunday, there were still a lot of crowds. We kept drinking at a social level and had a good time there.

Scott's audit of North Hollywood ran a little longer than expected. We ended leaving Burbank sometime after 1 then started our trek over to Palm Springs. We stopped in Pasadena for lunch and theatre pics. We ended up at The Cheesecake Factory, but we were so full from our lunch, we didn't have any cheesecake. There weren't as many hottie servers at that CF than there are at Valley Fair, but there were a few :P

We also stopped by San Bernadino for more pics, then off to PS. We got there sometime at around 6:30. We were still full so we decided to just have dessert at around 9. Before we left, we asked Justin at the front desk if he knew of any places for dessert other than chain restaurants. He couldn't figure of any. So we just drove around. We found this one bakery but they didn't really have much. So we drove all the way back to Appleby's which was next door to our hotel.

Scott went and did his audit across the street, which he started early. We left PS at around 12:45 and went to Riverside to take some more pics. This one theatre near UCR apparently leases their auditoriums to UCR for classroom space. The rocking seats have cupholders and fold away desks. Why didn't SJSU do that with the UA?!? That would answer the question I had in the shopping center parking lot as to why the guy in the car next to us was studying physics. UCR... has some hotties :) (can you see the trend here that I'm in desperate need of someone?!?).

After Riverside, we headed back to Ontario. We had to stop for gas to fuel up the SUV prior to returning it to Avis. Scott was going to miss driving that thing. We had some time to kill before heading to the airport so we walked around Ontario Mills. The only things other than food and alcohol we bought were purchased here on our last day. I got a Ben Folds CD at Virgin and Scott bought a shirt on sale at Kenneth Cole.

We got to the airport a little early, but the TV kept us entertained. We poked fun at abc7's Live D o p p l e r 7 0 0 0 + because it debuted that day and they were hyping it on the radio. Then we watched Jeopardy until we boarded our flight. Speaking of TV weather, NBC4 also debuted their new weather radar in which you can zoom all the way down to street level. Geez, this is the southland! Your weather doesn't really warrant such radars for christ's sake!

So there's pretty much what happened. I had a really fun time this weekend. Scott kept worrying that I was bored because of all the pic taking of theatres and such, but I truly had a lot of fun. Great fun right before school starts... which I should be in bed for since I'm commuting tomorrow. My first class is at 10:30 and I hope there are still spaces at the park and ride, which is free for only one week this semester (not 2).

Minor Stuff I Forgot to Mention...

There are a few events I forgot to share...

For instance, on Tuesday, Scott almost killed us by driving on the wrong side of a one way street in Palm Springs. That was loads of fun!

At each of our hotels, Scott scribbled something on the bathroom mirror. When we were in Burbank, he wrote, "Happy Rex Manning Day!" The next morning when we were in Palm Springs/Rancho Mirage, he wrote, "Sexy Rexy"... Oh the Emp Rec. references!

While in Santa Ana on Saturday, Scott and Danny were the only white guys walking downtown. Scott kept joking how he brought me along because of the color contrast.

If I remember anything else, I'll add on to this post