February 26th, 2004


AIM Warning

Some people think it's hella cool to play with that stupid ass warning feature on AIM. Yeah, it's cool to like 35%, but 100% it just overkill... So if you're trying to IM me right now, I can't respond.

BTW, I'm pissed about this because I'm annoyed by the situation

Continuing AIM Problems

First off, I cannot log into AIM through the AIM client right now. The other two options of logging in are not beneficial (AIM Express keeps loosing the handshake and I am on a limited usage plan for the AOL Client). For right now, if you want to catch me, IM DLS RAPP.

As for why all of this is happening, somebody I know thought it would be cool to mess around with me using a total of 3 screen names and raise my warning level to 100%. I got pissed about that because I was annoyed. What's really gotten me even more so pissed is the fact that this particular person logged on to my other friend's s/n and I actually thought that he was my friend IMing me. When confronted with this finding, the person flat out denied doing such a thing. You woulnd't think conversing out of character (of my friend) and things such as not having a profile online even though that person does have one would be a giveaway?

It's one thing to be immature and be retarded, but it's another to flat out lie to me. If it's something I totally hate, it's for someone to lie to me, especially if I consider them to be my friend.

The person who's responsible for all of this can't be mature enough to apologize, instead attacking me for being so petty as to being upset that I can't log onto AIM. Prior to him raising me to 100%, I consistently told him to stop and that I wasn't kidding... but he continued anyway. Unlike some coke snorting whore that he contacts, I actually contact a lot of people via AIM simply because talking on the phone isn't practical... Most of whom are my best friends who are not so near to me geographically.

I'm about to leave for KoC in about a half hour... Being in the presence of people who aren't assholes will surely cheer me up :)