April 18th, 2004


I feel hungover, and I had NOTHING to drink last night!

Freeze tag was fun! More on that in a bit... Let me give a recap of this weekend's events:

Backtrack to other events Friday
Besides my lack of a Friday night and car issues, my weekly trips to Valley Fair were as usual, fun! More gawking at the Cingular sales associate, Geno and I making our rounds around the mall, even Casey joining me and finally partaking in the gawking action :) While Casey was there, I brought him around the stores, quasi doing a clothing makeover. While at AnF, Casey started to blush big time and I had to push him out of the store! Apparently, there were quite a few good looking hotties working there.

Chris and Amber picked me up and brought me to the Curves location at Capital Expwy Auto Mall. Amber was having issues with their PC being too slow. She originally told me that when she got the system, it has always been too slow. The first thing I check was the system processes and and an instance of SVCHOST was causing the system to max out. I tried end tasking it but it gave me a forced shutdown, stating something interrupted the RPC or something... On my second attempt, I tried end tasking pretty much everything else, and the system was still being maxed out. So I basically did a OS reinstall on the bitch. I backed up the membership database (Access based, just like Century Theatres ticketing/confection/labor/everything database... yuck!), EPT settings and word documents and just did a lengthy reinstall. 4 hours later, the system was running way better than it ever has been. Now the good part that made Alex jealous last night: I got paid $260 for 4 hours of work :) That equates to $65/hr which is actually the median service call rate. But do mind you, this is like the first "job" I've had since January, so this income is probably going to be the only one for a while.

Later on, Bjorn ([info]entropyca) and DK picked me up then proceeded to pick up Alex ([info]cekyr0). We headed up to Stanford for freeze tag, where we met up with Stan ([info]trivialt). We walked in to a large classroom building and got in just in time for their second round. Eventually, we migrated over to a smaller building. While there, I met my twin... This guy was also named Rex. What are the odds? We played about 4 or 5 rounds and it was really great. I haven't had this much fun in a long time. Yeah, it may sound kinda childish or lame to some, but seriously it was a ton of fun!

After the game, we went to In 'n Out in Mt. View where it was obviously prom night or something, since there was a stretch limo and a ton of high schoolers around. Alex and I commented on how most of the HS girls look way too old for their age and how disgusting it was. Ugh, what's wrong with the younger generation. Later on, Alex and I had a discussion about how life in high school was for us, in terms of music or whatnot. He was telling me how most of his high school in SSF was mainly Filipino and hated anything NOT rap, hip-hop, and R&B. This caused issues because any attempt of playing or performing anything outisde of those closed-minded genres were not accepting at his school. He even told me a story about how his friends one time went up and either sang or lipsynched Offspring and the students started to throw food at them. This is around 1995, btw... WTF?!? Another Offspring hating occurred when a couple of afro-am students told the administration that the song "We Gotta Keep 'em Separated" was about racial segregation. Oh my fucking god! This made me realize that I was fortunate enough to go to a high school that was truly diverse and tolerant of people's differences. Hell, back when I was in high school, I actually listened to all genres of music equally, until the rap, hip-hop, and R&B turned to shit circa '97.

Our In 'n Out experience was abruptly stopped when people started to leave and Stan had the urge to go to Krispy Kreme because it was closing in 10 minutes. Apparently Stan jetted of there, as I commented to Jeb (the organizer of the night) because he was there when Bjorn, DK, Alex, and I arrived at KK. Bjorn & DK, Alex, Stan and I each bought ourselves a dozen. Then we sat and basically ate 1-2 of them and chatted mainly about cartoons and comic book characters. At around 1 or so, we decided to call it a night.

On the drive to my place, after Alex was dropped off, Bjorn asked about my living situation. I told him about my roommate, what he does, and how I found him. Somehow he knew instantly who my roommate was! Bjorn used to play softball with my roommate and my roommate also tried to get him to play soccer. Talk about a small world!

After Bjorn and DK dropped me off, I chatted with Alex for a bit, but then passed out from pure exhaustion. I woke up to find IMs from Todd and Randy, but they were from the hour prior and one signed off and the other set himself away. Plus, I got a unresponded good night IM from Alex. To the three of you, I apologize for not responding back, but I was totally gone for the night :(

I essentially slept for most of the day... I'm all sore and tired, kinda feel hung over, but no alcohol involved. I'm still kinda out of it, not really wanting to do anything right now. However, I do want to go to KoC tonight, but alas, need a ride. Anyone willing to drive me? :-)