June 21st, 2004


High School Weekend

Well, with the exception of Thursday, this was pretty much High School Weekend

Went down for karaoke :) Sang Hemorrhage (Fuel), Perfect (A Simple Plan), and Better Days (Citizen King). Major fun as always. Drive up 880 kinda sucked, as always too.

Allison met up at my house (woah, a high school friend form Hercules, who's actually home!) and Anthony picked us up later than expected. We drove up, took about an hour and a half to get to Davis. Had fun at the BBQ, then later got some more alcohol and chilled at Joe's (jrdm00) condo (his second place in Davis... don't ask). We stilfled through Joe's old De La Salle yearbooks, and talked about band, company, Nettles (oh see bottom), Miss K, and whatnot. Joe's friend's friend (who we all met that night) apparently is going out with Ann, who used to live with Val and Steph. I remember the drama that Val and Steph would talk about when they were living with Ann and her bf somewhat brought that up. That was a bit much. Heh At about 2 or so, we decided to go back up. Allison ended up driving Anthony and I back since we were kinda drunk.

Anthony had a party at his house because his parents were gone. Maria and Paul were there. More thinking back about stuff in high school. I accidentally let it slip that Anthony and I were at Joe's the night before. I covered it up, saying it was Joe Mizzi and she didn't believe me. Then I said, ok, it was Joe Dana (vexvim), the one who gave Anthony his nickname, "shut up". Whatever, I didn't need any of that drama. After the party, I met up with Cari at her sister's house in PH. We caught up, watched MadTV and SNL... good times

Had a rude awakening because my brother "had a computer issue". It was why was his iTunes completely empty. I told my sister a couple of months ago to tell him that I moved all of his MP3s to the D drive to free up the C drive. This type of help desk call is like calling the after-hours line with the same issue... Bad!

Went to the cemetary in San Pablo to visit my dad and grandfather. Then we went to mass up in Vallejo because my aunt had a mass intention for them. During the procession, my mom's cell phone rings... How fucking embarassing! Later on, during the collection, my mom passes the basket to me, then says wait a minute so she can put some moeny into it, but instead of actually grabbing it back, she makes it fall upside down. I say Jesus! (how appropriate!). Luckily, there were only a couple of dollars in it, not a shit load of dollars and coins. I'm soooo used to actual collection baskets with handles. :)

After mass, we had lunch at my aunt's house in Vallejo, Then off to the cemetary in Lafayette to visit my other grandfather.

On the way back home, we stopped by Sunvalley... Got a couple of pants at Macy's... Split brand @ $12.25 each (original $50) and a pair of Sketchers.

Now back to that Nettles thing. Someone who went to DLS after me found some kind of blog speel on her and emailed me a link. I almost fell off my chair when I read it!

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So I logged on to PeopleSoft today to figure out when I can register for classes. It will be this Thursday afternoon. I still don't have mock schedules made out yet. Guess I should do that soon :/

I was going to call Manpower or at least check back with AE today, but after the events of this weekend, I've just been bogged down to do anything today (what else is new?). I spent most of the day slothing (as Katie would put it), watching old DLS band videos and random internet stuff.

Yesterday, my mom advised me that she might not join my brother and me in Tahoe in August... WTF?!? So we'll have a studio in South Lake Tahoe for a week. I just wished she transferred the timeshare to another locale. I honestly don't know why she likes to go to Tahoe in the Summer and NOT when there's snow. I haven't gone skiing since I was 12 and I want to learn how to snowboard really, really bad :)

I need a haircut this week. I'm debating whether or not if I should bleach my tips... I dunno. I wish I could go with the Josh Weston hair like Scott (aairn), but I don't think my skin tone would match well with it :(
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