December 21st, 2004


WIR - In Dallas

I'm sitting in the passenger seat, with Adam driving.  We just dropped off Danny at DFW and now Adam's driving me to Austin so I can catch my flight back to SJC.

Here's a recap of what happened.

Finals were, for the most part, ok... that's all I'm gonna say about it.  Plus I only got $140 back from the $350 I originally spent on books.

Adam came up from the failed Monterey opening.  Had dinner at PF Changs downtown, then got up really early and flew out of SJC.

There was this really hot linguistics guy stationed in Monterey on our flight.  (He was reading Harry Potter in Korean... something about blonde hair, blue eye, buff guys studying a non-anglo language).  We had to switch planes in San Diego.  While we spent about 20 minutes there, I realized how much I need to visit the place where all of California's hotties lurk.

Flight over to Austin... realized that hot military linguistics guy was also on the continuing flight.  We should have sat next to him, but we didn't :(  During the flight, we watched Get Over It!, a French high school coming out movie, on my laptop.  There were some scenes that were, well, intensely hot, so we had to huddle the laptop.

After we landed, Adam went around and took photos of a few movie theatres, then we headed up to Dallas.

I fell asleep for most of the drive up, passing through Waco.  During the last end of the drive, I was logged on to, trying to chat with some Dallas boys, but that was a failed attempt!  Again, gotta love the GPRS/EDGE card from Cingular Blue :)

We meet up with Brad and Danny in Plano, went around a couple of theatres, with dinner in between.

Got up late, went around the Oaklawn neighborhood of Dallas, which is the gay neighborhood, rented some porn to burn (I got a couple of Falcon DVDs),  then went back to Brad's house, and watched Hedwig and The Blues Brothers in his screening room, with a trip to Whataburger in between.  I was not impressed with that burger, btw.

Finished burning the DVDs, went to Oaklawn to return and get more porn, dinner at Marco's (which was yummy, both the food and the server), and walked around.

We ended up spending most of the time at JR's, where there was some sort of Queer Factor thing going.  Against my better judgement, I went up and tried it out.  Game: Who can stuff the most hot dogs down their mouth.  We started off with five, I was the third to leave the game.  Should have not eated dinner before that, had I've known

En Route
So I'm heading back.  As it stands right now, my flight back to SJC is delayed, so I'm not sure if I'll be back in time to catch some KoC action, but I'll try :)