December 30th, 2004



Stemming from the LJ banter between me and crhale earlier.

Cpher5 (1:18:36 PM): rREXXXXXX
RAPP81 (1:18:47 PM): chris.....................
Cpher5 (1:19:42 PM): wanna hear my rap?
Cpher5 (1:20:41 PM): "he's the triple-x rex, who likes to have sex... he be usin 'em up and then he says 'next'... he got mo' boyfriends than KTVU got airCHECKS!  BEEEAAATCH!!!!"
RAPP81 (1:21:10 PM): ROTFLMAO
Cpher5 (1:32:02 PM): yeah
Cpher5 (1:32:09 PM): you can post that if you want
RAPP81 (1:32:23 PM): ok

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Con't of Tuesday Night

Back at La Scala, Anna started yelling out OMG, that's Phil Lehman!  All of us were like, what?!?  It was.  I haven't seen the guy since I graduated!  Apparently he graduated from Stanford last spring and is now living in San Francisco.  After he left, Mary told us that she called the wrong Phil, unkowingly.  LOL

After La Scala, we all went back to Chili's to drop off Paul.  We stood in the rain trying to figure out what to do next.  Mary and Kelly left, so it was just me, Anthony, Dan, and Anna.  I was more inclinded to go back home, but Anthony dragged me out and we headed over to Dan's.  I told him to get his hot, straight neighbor to come out.  However, Anthony's brother showed up instead.

We stopped by Safeway at Clayton Station, then headed over to Dan's house.  While driving on Clayton Rd., Anna passed all of us on the right.  Soon after, I saw Clayton PD speed up behind her.  Then the lights turned on.  Shit!

We all drive past her and go WTF once we got to Dan's.  Anna soon shows up and tells us what happened.  After the officer asked for her license, registation, and insurance, he asked her what her dad's name was.  She replied, and he ran the items through.  He comes back, hands her his card, and says, give this card to your dad and when you do, tell him he's a lousy baseball player.  She practically gets away from receiving a ticket!

We end up watching Dan, Anthony (after just one drink), and Andrew get wasted.  Talked about their good old times @ band (damn, I'm old!) and some stuff I experienced.  Brought out Dan's DLS yearbooks and checked out the cute guys in them.

Eventually we realize that it was almost 5!  I end up stumbling through my door at 5:25.

Fun times :)