January 20th, 2005


Alright, so I'm kinda hung up about my high school...

I constantly get inquires as to why I bring up my high school, a lot...  Well, this post will give you a detailed insight as to why.

You see, De La Salle isn't your typical high school.  Yeah it's a private, Catholic high school.  But there's more to it than that.

Most kids just go to their local public high school after junior high.  Some others choose which high school they want to go to.  It's like picking a college, in which you go though an admissions process that is extremely similar to that of the admissions process of any prestigious college or university.  From day one of seventh grade, until the end of your eighth grade year, everything you do either increases or decreases your chances of getting into a Catholic high school.

Grades are a definite factor in the admissions process.  Along with that is what you do outside of academics (activities, community service, etc).  With those, you need supplementary items such as writing up an essay (even your parents have to write one) and getting recommendations from your junior high teachers, principals, and priests.

Then there's an entrance exam, similar to the SAT.  After that, the interview process between you and the prospective school.  When all of that's done, you await for the school's decision.

After getting that huge acceptance packet, you eagerly await for the first day of your four year tenure at this new place.  Because you chose to attend this school, you grow a never-ending feeling of school pride.  You put all of your time and effort in not just your studies, but along with your talents  in all of the clubs and activities you participate in.  Also, you grow a sense of community with not just your fellow classmates, but your teachers.  I've heard stories about people who had high school teachers who never learned their name.  I never had a teacher who didn't know any names of any of their students.  They always made an effort to know every single student, even when they were no longer in their class.  To this day, I would bump into some old faculty, whether it be around the mall, or even at the school picking up my sister, and they would still recognize me.

Being a part of this community does extend beyond graduation.  A huge alumni base still exists, even better than the alumni base of any college or university.

Having attended a high school with a lot of school pride and community to attending a public, state university that completely lacks both, I can see why many question my devotion to my high school alma mater.  I mean, yeah, I chose to attend SJSU, but I didn't really have to work hard to be admitted.  My SAT scores and GPA were enough for admission, and those were cake.  However, I wasn't expecting the severe lack of school pride and community, which pretty much accentuates the reason why I care about my high school and what still goes on there, especially with administration and programs to this day.

When people graduate from certain colleges or universities, you still see them sport off the clothing and cheer for their football team, well after they graduated.  Hell, some talk about their frats/sororities.  Most wouldn't question why they still root on for things from their past, they just know why and understand.  However, when it is the case for a high school, most can't understand and can't apply the same logic.

With all of this being said, I hope some of you now understand where I, along with most alumni from my high school, are coming from.

And with that, I close my entry :)