January 26th, 2005


Winter Break Comes to an End...

Five 1/2 weeks went by so fast!  This is going to probably be the last time I'll ever have 5 1/2 weeks off during the winter.

Went into BSAC today to make sure I'm allowed to retake a class from last semester with graduating senior status, plus get a petition so I can enroll beyond 18 units to 19.  After that, fell in line in the SSC only to find out that I should have went to Enrollment Services, instead of A&R.  Oh well, it gave me an opt to look at all the hotties in line over at the Bursar's Office, some of which included some of them yummy frat boys.  Heh.

I was planning on going to KoC (koc_luvrs) tonight, but the weather wasn't too great, and I got into a cool conversation with my fellow gay friend from HS, Joe (jrdm00).  He's back home after spending six months in Orlando and WDW.  Chatted about random stuff, including which ones from HS we thought were totally hot.  He also briefly talked about his bf he met in FL.  They're doing the LD thing and from what Joe said, the guy's pretty hung.

Just got off the phone with Paul.  Some stuff was rumored about him at work.  Freaking high school kids need to grow up.  Some are mature (like the ones who worked under me at CineArts @ Pleasant Hill) and some just plain aren't.

Speaking of high school kids... downloaded the latest Degrassi episode that aired in Canada.  Why can't the US make such great programming?!?  Paige's relationship with her young student-teacher (age of consent in Canada is apparently 16) is revealed after a massive catfight between her and Manny (the one who had an abortion two seasons ago).  I'm not going to go in depth about a certain HS teacher of mine that I had a mad crush on (and kinda still do), btw.  Next week on Degrassi: Kevin Smith!

Start times for the semester: 1:30P M/W, 7:30A T/R... not sure how that's going to work with Monday karaoke :/  Damn school... but one more semester!