September 7th, 2005


I'm Jealous!

So I've been digging around the SJSU Housing pages to see what new voice/data/TV services housing now has since the opening of the new Campus Village.  Wow, those new residents are freaking spoiled!

Basic service included w/rent:
256kbps Symmetrical Internet Access
Basic Phone Service (via VoIP gateway) with unlimited campus calls, 100 local minutes/mo, and voice mail
Basic TV
VOD offerings

Residents can upgrade any of the above services for an additional cost.

What did I get when I moved in to Moulder in August of 1999?

Supposidly the "A" side of cable (basic cable) but they miswired my room and I got the "B" (expanded-basic) side instead.
PAID for an analog PBX line on the old Intecom S/80 switch to use for dialup @ $22.75/mo + off campus call usage (about a cent/minue) + one time $27.95 install fee.

SJSU was in the midst of wiring the Bricks (where I first lived) with ethernet.  All of housing was wired by the Spring of 2000, and I had already moved over to Joe West.

What was extremely sad was that San Jose at the time was on a dual (A/B) TV cable system, thus had NO broadband services via then AT&T Broadband.  It has only been recently (within the past couple of years and recently finished) that San Jose has been upgraded by now Comcast to provide true broadband services.  And San Jose calls itself the capital of Silicon Valley?!?  I remember calling then @Home asking when they projected service to be available in Downtown SJ.  I was told November of 1999.  Downtown SJ wasn't fully upgraded until September of 2004!  I kid you not!

In '99, DSL was not an option, only because then PacBell had no lines going into the individual dorm rooms.  Those not wired for ethernet were stuck ordering analog lines from UCAT/Nettel.  And it so happened that year I first moved in, there was a huge wait list for residents to get analog lines installed.  The university even had to scour for additional analog port cards to purchase for the no-longer produced Intecom S/80 switch, which furthered the delay of installs!  (Good thing I was one of the smart ones who ordered an analog line prior to move-in!)

Ok, I know some of you are going to go WTF are you babbling about.  This is just a huge geek getting all jealous at the fact that he missed out on playing with such fascinating toys :P
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