September 21st, 2005


Oh, the joys of watching Breaking News coverage | MySpace Finds

Two items for tonight:

First Item-

For the past few days, Chris (crhale) and I have been makng fun of a certain, prominent, female news anchor from a TV station in Oakland (I'm sure most of you in the Bay know of whom I speak of).  Yesterday, during the 5PM news, this female anchor read the teleprompter verbatim, saying ad-lib to Bill?  Where's Bill?!?, referring to the weather guy.  Chris was actually at the station, watching the in-house feed with an editor when this all happened.

Well today, during the coverage of the JetBlue plane emergency landing, this particular anchor kept asking retarded questions, making stupid remarks, and stuff like we should take a moment of silence as the plane lands to pay respect as if they plane was going to crash!

Anyway, while watching, Chris and I had the same reactions to certain sayings this anchor had today as illustrated in the IM convo below:
cpher5 (6:13:45 PM): huh?
RAPP81 (6:13:46 PM):
cpher5 (6:13:57 PM): dumb bitch
RAPP81 (6:14:04 PM): stupid bitch

Second Item-

Under Cool New People on MySpace, there was this cute guy whose profile I checked out.  In it had this video clip of him and a friend making a parody off something that cracked me up!  Mad props to the first one to figure out where the parody comes from!

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"Look around you, choose five things nearby (choose normal names for them that other people will understand), list them and comment on them: what is it, how it ended up nearby, and why you need it.

Choose five people who should do the same thing in their journals, and write their names below."

1. Laptop - It's my primary means of contact with the outside world while I'm stuck in this hell hole called Hercules

2. Pastic bag stash of condoms and lube - in the rare instance I have a trick over at my house (like that'll ever happen!)

3. De La Salle Senior Year Panoramic -  Go Spartans!

4. Latest edition of Instinct Magazine.  Hot stuff and kick ass articles

5. Closet door filled with band pictures from freshman year -- almost 10 years ago!  - I'm too lazy to redecorate my room, obviously!  Christ, I still have junior high awards on my walls as well!

Hmmm... Who to tag... crhale, biglovescott, slipsbyandstops, natetl17, schnup009
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