October 10th, 2006


Gay Days @ Disneyland WIR

Despite only experiencing ONE ride the entire weekend, I had a blast this weekend!

Took BART from the WC to SFO.  My flight was delayed for over an hour, but I finally made it to LAX sometime after 3PM.

I took the shuttle to the Westin, chilled in the hotel for a bit, then met up with Andrew, his hag and her sister, and his other friend for a round of drinks in the lobby.  Ken finally showed up and joined us.

After the drinks, we had dinner at a chinese restaurant in Manhattan Beach, and had a crap load of left overs!

We freshened up at the hotel, and the trio of queers (Andrew, Ken, and myself) headed over to West Hollywood.  We first hit the Abbey, where we had a shot of Jaeger.  Then went around, noticed a hot straight boy who kept covering his cock because he didn't want to get groped (oh, uptight breeders!).

Later on, we ventured over to the Cantina, where we were in just in time for the late happy hour.  Each of us had two Jager shots.  Then another round of double drinks... I could not finish my long islands, which was probably a good thing.

More people watching, more shit talking of certain "scenes", and fun times continued.

After last call, we headed back to the hotel, checked out the workout room, where it was empty, yet had security follow us around.... wtf?? Then headed up to the club room to surf the net, watch gay porn, gorge on the leftover chinese, and then had security check in on us again!  (They spotted us on the cameras)

At around 4 or so, we called it a night.


We had a late start to the day, but did manage to make it to the park. Ken had to buy a change of clothes at Quiksilver, and I went to meet up with Randy and Andrew.  Soon all of us hit Disneyland by storm.  Walking around, I spotted John, and he ended up hanging with us for the rest of the day.

In the early evening, I joined John for the VIP party, then met up with the rest for dinner at the Rainforest Cafe.  We ended up getting a table with a bunch of random people, who we all ended up hitting Kingdom (the club event at House of Blues), where there were hawt go-go dancers (with actual meat on their bodies) and a mix of queers dancing around.

When things died off, we headed back to Randy's hotel which was next door to Andrew's, chilled there a bit with David and his lesbian friend.  Randy drove the two back up to LA county and the rest of us headed next door to crash for the night.

Another late start, Ken left to go home, went around DCA, actually went on one ride (Tower of Terror), headed back to Disneyland, scoped around guys somemore, then Andrew and I headed back to LAX.

We chilled in the airline lounge, which was right next to our gate.  I saw one potential CL on the DL, chugging some beer, watching Sunday Night Football on the widescreen.

On our flight, I was sporting off my Instinct magazine... I think the guy seated next to me showed some interest.  As for Andrew's seatmate, well he sat next to a drunk who was overserved.  Andrew was in first class, I was stuck, literally all the way back in coach.  We SMS'd each other before take off and he told me about his drunk seatmate.  I instantly knew who this guy was when I saw him stumble all the way to the back of the plane, clutching his can of heineken.

While getting off the plane, I saw the drunk guy talking to the flight attendants.  Then I saw him again at baggage claim, being retarded once more.  Andrew went to get help from airport personnel.  The Stanford womens soccer team, who was on our flight, were poking fun at him.  And on the other carousel was the Cal Mens Soccer Team... why weren't they on our flight??

Andrew and I parted and I trekked home on BART back to The WC :)



Scoping out the unsuspecting straight guys/DILFs who just happened to wear RED that weekend

Meeting a bunch of cool people throughout the weekend

Bumping into familiar faces like Stan and Gabe

Noticing the latest trend... Tshirts that have your MySpace URL on them (I actually pulled out the Treo to instantly check out someone's profile)

The fact that I'm still walking like a gimp because my new flip flops weren't broken in as much as I thought they were.

I need another day of solo recovery... none with manual, after-hours labor at work :(

Pics and Video coming soon!