November 28th, 2006


Thanksving WIR

What a busy week!

Monday involved me going to the Apple Store in WC to swap out my MacBook Pro due to a failed iSight camera.  At first, I thought they were going to mail it in for repair, but since it was a stock item, they could swap it out.  But I didn't have the box with me, so I had to drive back to Hercules to get it.  As I left the store the first time, I was thinking ot myself that the manager looked really familiar.  It dawned on me driving that it was someone I went to HS with.  This encounter would be the first of many I had with people from my HS class this week!

Worked in Napa, then headed down to SF for my third interview.  It went pretty well, now just the wait.  The guy who is heading the search is on vacation until next week.

Worked in Vacaville, left when it was dead.  Later on went to the Domeshots show in Berkeley.  Caught up with Danner, Jimmy, and several others from my DLS days.  Fun times :)

Thanksgiving day involved lunch and dinner at my aunt's in Rodeo, then a failed attempt to meet up with John, the coworker at 1220 later that night.  I ended up calling Anthony and just went to his house for a talk.

Worked in Vallejo... really didn't do much for most of the day.  Then raced down to Concord and met up with my cousins and sister for some Best Buy action.  Then we all went to the DLS/SRV NCS semi final game at DLS, along with Anthony and Andrew.  Saw Nate there, whom I haven't seen forever, and bumped into Biller and Jordan as well.  For the first part of the game, we sat next to Mr. Guthrie and the other half was spent roaming around.  The band half time show was kinda meh... I'm sorry, but being a former band member who worked his ass off, where's the marching?  I know it takes a while to get re-established, but seriously, we need to put the marching back!  I miss the days of competeing at the Tournament of Champions in Fairfield every year.

After the game, Anthony and I grabbed a bite to eat at Chili's, where I saw a ton of WC eye candy outside.  Mmmmm, The WC :P

I then took Anthony to 1220 to meet up with John and Dan.  Poor Anthony, he kept getting hit on... lol

Saturday and Sunday
Pretty much spent most of those days setting up my uncle's house for DSL and the addtion of a laptop.  When my cousin was being assisted by a Best Buy Business sales associate, they asked me if the guy was "family".  heh.  He was cute.

Yeah, nothing too exciting towards the latter part of the weekend.  But I really enjoyed seeing a ton of people I haven't seen in a long time!