Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Yosemite Day 3 and 4

Day 3

Woke up hella early... like 4:45, because the trio were going to do their hike of Half Dome.  I ended up driving them to the Valley and dropped them off.  Afterwards, I drove over to Housekeeping Camp to take a much needed shower.  Yes, I'm a queer and cannot go more than 36 hours w/o taking a shower!

After taking a shower, I drove to the all day parking area, loitered around till the general store opened (how white trash sounding is that?), grabbed a copy of the SF Chronicle, and wondered off for a bit.

Then I found a hot spot!

After downloading emails, chatting on IM, and catching up on all of the Bay Area news, I did some walking and sightseeing around the Yosemite Valley.  Oh yeah, some boy scouting, of course :)  Did I mention I was wearing my ajaxx63 pictoral tshirt?

I headed back to the parking lot where I left the trio and waited for them to show up.  As I waited, there were numerous hot guys walking back from their hike.  heh.  They eventualy come back, all exhausted.  We had pizza afterwards, but it took over an hour to get our pizza.  Apparently the HS workers who apparently smoke way too much pot because there's nothing else better to do in Yosemite, couldn't understand that 2X meant two orders of the same item.  The kicker, they didn't even bother to ask us what the order was for clarification.  Dumbfucks.

On the hour drive back to our campsite, the guys were talking about a story that got to be a bit annoying to hear.  It's all they talked about and I was about to yell STFU!  Whatever... LOL

Day 4
We started packing our stuff out... the hot wrestler latin boy came over to me and asked if we wanted the last two bottles of beer.  I almost came right then and there!

At about 10:30 or so, we started our trip back, passing through Groveland once more and had lunch in Oakdale.

And that's about it... I guess.  heh

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