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BART Strike

The last time BART went on strike, I was in a junior in high school, and even back then, it affected my commute.  Yes folks, I was commuting from Hercules to De La Salle in Concord... a driving distance of approximately 20 miles one way.  Many DLS/CHS students relied on BART, getting off at the Pleasant Hill station and catching a County Connection bus to bring them to campus.  For those students who took BART, they relied on other methods of transportation.  For me, it added a several minutes to my commute because there was more traffic on 680S, and if I recall correctly, the upgrades on the 680/242 and 680/24 interchanges were still under construction.  One day, I had to get off at Alhambra Ave. in Martinez and go the roundabout way through various streets: Pleasant Hill Road, Gregory Lane, Contra Costa Blvd., Monument Blvd, and crossing over on Buskirk/Bancroft to reach Treat Blvd.  On the drive back from school, I had to take my friend Jon back to his house in El Sobrante, because he primarily took BART, but because of the strike, had to have his dad take him to campus extra early and I had to take him back since I was pretty much his only friend who also lived in West County.

I don't remember the details of the last strike, but for this possible upcoming strike, I've been looking at the numbers and it just doesn't make sense.  BART is in deed facing a deficit.  BART union workers make a helluva lot of money for what they do, even more than most the the riders.  Yet they insist a strike is in order?  I'm sorry, but inconvienencing the working force who don't whine for pay raises as often as the unions do and creating gridlock on the region's freeways and byways all because you think you deserve more money (more from what is a lot to begin with) seems kinda selfish to me.  Unions really don't care for those they really serve for.  They only bitch and whine about what management's doing wrong and feel that it's in their infinte power to show who has the upper hand in how things should be run.

Out of all the things that have been reported in the media, I have not encountered any substantial statements or remarks defending the unions.  BART has placed the real facts and financial figures on a website they've created, but I haven't found any figures from the unions.  Why one would ask?  Maybe because they're relying on pure propoganda rhetoric to defend themselves and their actions.  You can back things up with some snazzy rhetoric, but numbers truely show a bigger picture in this particular case.

It's 1 AM now, the original midnight deadline was delayed to 12:30 the last minute, and now the anouncement has been delayed to 1:30 now.  This is all fucking ridiculous, I tell you!


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