Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Random Thoughts...

When I was driving into SF a few days ago, I noticed an A&F billboard to the left as you approach the 5th Street off ramp from the Bay Bridge.  This billboard had their latest male model, shown from above the waist, shirtless, laying on a beach or something.  I would have gawked and drooled over the billboard long enough to totally memorize it, but as nightvzn should know, I get too distracted driving on or near the Bay Bridge.  heh.

Anyway, the billboard got me thinking.  Ok, you're an apperals store, but you're advertsing a hot guy who isn't wearing any of your apparel.  Given the fact that this billboard in in Downtown SF, and placed in a location where drivers from the East Bay just get off the bridge, one must think that the main demographics for that billboard are either young women or gay men.  Seriously, what straight guy would look at that billboard and go, "I want to shop Abercrombie!"?  I don't know.... it just seems strange to me.  lol

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