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Went to the Oakland Airport to pick up my mom's friend from Washington, DC.  She kept looking around for her.  I ended up sitting down, noticing the obviously gay guy sitting nearby tug down on his jeans a bit, revealing that he wasn't wearing any underwear.  Kid you not!  Then my mom called and found her friend outside.  I met her friend and realized my mom was standing right next to her at baggage claim.  She's so retarded.  heh.

Toured the city for a bit with my mom and her friend.  Started off at Pier 39, had lunch at the seafood restraunt upstairs, and noticed the host was a tranny.  My mom's friend was like that's a man in tagalog.  My mom, oblivious as usual was like, really?

After Pier 39, we went down Lombard Street and decided to take the advice of my mom and turn on the wrong direction on Lombard and head towards the Golden Gate Bridge, instead of towards Downtown and the Crooked part.  After going down the correct direction, down the crooked street, my mom wanted to drive through downtown and the Financial District.  Then I had to drive back to the other side of the city to cross the Golden Gate.

After the city, we had a dinner party at my aunt and uncles.  We had several relatives from LA arriving for my sister's party.

Ok, for those who don't really know, a good portion of Filipino families hold a Cotillion for their daughters who turn 18-years-old.  Basically, it's a wedding, but not.  Fucking insane!  350 people showed up to the event at the Concord Hilton.  natetl17, Ryan, and Kyle saw me totally drunk for the first time, as my cousins and I were going upstairs and drinking the huge bottle of Tanquaray and tonic I bought earlier.  Always great drinking and getting drunk with the cousins!  One of my cousins didn't join us, but her bf, Mike, did.

'twas a long night, but most of it was in a daze, since I was drunk :P

Lunch in Concord with the family and cotillion court.  Visited the cemetary as it was my grandmother's birthday, then just crashed for most of the day.


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