Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Yet Another Weekend Wrap-up

My 10:30 today got cancelled. I wished the professors would send emails out informing students that class has been cancelled! I could of gotten an extra few hours of sleep this morning :(

With my issues with my car and other events going on this weekend, I've been doing the usual and have neglected to post right away :(

So without further adieu, here it goes....

After I made my post on Thursday, Chris came back from lab and we went over to Pismo for lunch. It was freaking dead compared to the day before, when CP had the day off. Chris told me that the lack of people was actually unsual for any day. After lunch, we walked along the pier and chatted, just like what we did the day before. We then went back to the house. I packed up my things and said goodbye to Chris. It took me about 2 1/2 hours to head up to Mt. View and the only slow down I encountered was just north of SLO.

KoC was fun as usual... I wasn't completely there because I was tired out, but it was still a good night.

I didn't do much during the day... just relaxed for a bit. Later on that evening, I met up with Geno and we had dinner at Gordon Biersch downtown for his birthday. After dinner, and some gawking at the server, we went to see Starsky and Hutch at the Mercado.

I tried to start my car to head up to Mt. View for Geno's birthday party at the park, but it wouldn't start. So Jason ended up driving over, getting lost, and eventually picked me up. The party was cool and I got to meet some of Geno's students, family, and other friends.

You've read what happened later on that night (car issues again) so I won't repost that.

Pretty much spent the day lounging around the house. I wasn't planning on heading over to KoC, when I had no offers for a ride, until I had a weird conversation with a friend. I couldn't understand what was going on with him and he wouldn't elaborate, ending the convo abruptly by saying he had to go offline. I seriously hope he's doing ok, because I seriously got concerned. Randy ended up giving me a ride to KoC Sunday night... Thanks, Randy! I sang a couple of songs and left at around midnight.

Class was blah...

Geno was running a little late, so we changed the plan. I borrowed his car and went to the dealer while he was at work. So I'm at the dealer, hoping to get a new key made, only to find out that my car is too old :( I asked for an estimate for a new ignition and the part alone was $198. Argh! So I decided to make a spontaneous trip up to Hercules. It took me an hour and a half, up 680... The great thing about the 680 corridor, Walnut Creek eye candy :P

In Hercules, I found a perfect copy I forgot existed! After staying there for a short while, I headed over to MV to pick up Geno and we had dinner at a Thai place downtown. After dinner, we did the Asian thing and had some pearl tea, then headed oer to KoC where it was totally dead!

The first couple of songs I had were totally monotone. The latter couple were better :)

This Morning
I decided to try the key before I went to school this morning... It fucking works! That totally made my day :)

Backtrack to Central Coast Trip
I thought about this while I was in Hercules yesterday.... On my way down 101, at the Santa Clara/San Benito County border, there is this stripped Westcat bus with a For Sale sign just sitting on the frontage road. I thought that was so odd! A West Contra Costa Transit Authority Bus, all the way down there, just sitting alone. I first saw this bus about a month ago, while Geno and I were heading down to Salinas to pick Jason up. So very odd....

Anyways, there's the post for now... A few minor details to follow.

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