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Wow, a WIR written on a early Monday morning?  LOL

The first thing I did was place a call to Contiki to book my tour.

After that, I brought in my mom's car in to the dealer in El Cerrito for a 30,000 mile tune-up.  Not being totally awake I told the service guy that my mom called in for a 30,000 dollar tune-up.  I'm such a bone head (or broomhead as someone on Degrassi Jr. High would say).  But I guess my slip of the tounge made the hot service guy become more chatty with me. I had to wait for one of the guys to drive me back to my house.  Wished it was Chris, the service guy I was dealing with, but oh well.  Chris did keep coming back to me saying that my ride will be coming shortly.

Sat at home, surfing the web to find out stuff I want to do in Europe and such.  Adam came by and watched the last few scenes of Gattaca while I waited for the dealer to call.

The dealer finally called, and it was Chris who ended up calling me.  He was so cute and said that he even detailed the car for me.  Adam drove me back to the dealer, and as soon as we pull up, Adam noticed Chris and immediately commented.  Heh

I walk in, and one of the first things Chris says to me is that he's all alone now in the office (as in the others were out of the office for the day).  Now, if it weren't for the fact that the parts office adjacent to the service office had some guy by the also adjacent window, I would have played with that line!  All the while, I was texting Randy (sjh22a), telling him that I was turning into him, totally checking out and being super friendly with a dealer service guy.

After I bring the car back, I head off with Adam up to Sac.  Dealt with traffic in the heat and the windows down (his a/c is out).  Had pizza and cocktails (he had no beer) and watched some Saved by the Bell (btw, Season 5: The Senior Year DVD box set comes out on Tuesday!) when we got to his place.  Slater must have been the worst fashion victim during that era!  I was hoping to finally meet Adam's roommate, but didn't get a chance to do so.

Drove to SF to be my mom's escort for my sister's friend's 18th birthday party at the Hilton downtown.  Argh, another one.  The appetizers were yummier than the actual dinner.  Chatted with someone I bumped into in the elevator at King Library last semester, who also went to my grade school.  If I didn't have to do two other things in SF, I would have stayed and chatted with her all night.  We talked about SJSU and how we were both DQ'd and I gave her some pointers as to what to do downtown.

After SF Event #1, I drove over to the Marina to meet up with the De La Salle / Carondelet crew.  Peter just got back from Japan and the gang was at Kelly's to celebrate.  OMG... I have never seen most of these people drunk before, especially Mary!

While we were on the roof of Kelly's complex, Nickie was talking about how she was at a certain person's party.  Mary then goes did someone say XX?!?, obviously trying to get my attention.  Everyone in the know starts to stare at me and those who didn't were like WTF?  So I yell out, oh, for those who don't know, I hooked up with XX!  (The hookup details in this Friends Only Post)

The gang decided to barhop in the Marina, leaving Andrew behind because he's only 19, and I decided to make my way over to the Castro.  The original plan was to meet up with gabeysf, but we weren't able to connect.  I roamed around for a bit, then decided to drive back home.  As I was turning onto Market from Noe, I noticed aairn, and hollered at him.

I got home, but didn't end up sleeping until 6:30 in the morning because of that single cup of coffee I had after dinner.  Damn, that sucked.  Heh


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