Rex (rapp81) wrote,


Damn, it's been a busy week for me... a mix of fun and logistical stuff, all good :)

Bay Cruise was awesome, and what a perfect night for one at that!  Met some cool ass people, a lot from the East Bay, which is a major plus.  Talked about random ass shit and poked a lot of fun at random ass shit :)

Met up with Cari and her friend Val in the Castro.  Started off with bad drinks at Lime then the girls wanted to grab a bite to eat at Blue.  As we sat outside, Val eyed this hella hot guy who walked passed.  The guy actually turned around and chatted with her.  She gave him her number and as he left, called her up.  WTF?!?  That really happens?!?

Val left and Cari and I hit The Cafe, then Badlands.  It was a weird night... seemeed dead and there weren't a lot of cute guys.  When Badlands was clearing out, I noticed someone on the platform..  I was like, it couldn't be....  It was fucking Ken!  We chatted it up for a bit.  As I was heading towards the door, a random girl pulls my arm and asks if my name was Rex.  Not recognizing her, I say yes.  She then turns around and yells out Megan!  Megan was someone I went to grade school with.  So fucking bizzare!

Nothing major... regular family stuff

Ken called me up and we met up in the Castro.  While waiting for Ken and his friend, I walked around, stopped by Streetlight, and talked with Rand, who was making the final deposit.  I eventually caught up with Ken and Kevin and we basically stuck with Badlands, since they had $2.50 well drinks.  Well, I don't remember how many gin and tonics I had, but I soon was regretting not remembering.  Yeah, got sick, to the point where I made Ken and Kevin leave me laying in the back seat of my car to pass out for a couple of hours.  I didn't make it back to my house till 4, and the whole 25 mile drive was horrible.

Had a job interview in Downtown Walnut Creek... Interview went fine, till I came back to my mom's car to find a note on it and a nice dent on the rear driver door.  Called the guy up, exchanged info, and such.  Whatever.  Then did some shopping at Costco and bought a couple of clearance shirts at AE.

Went back home, and Adam called me and asked if I wanted to hang out.  So he picked me up, had dinner at Applebee's in Pinole.  Gawked at the really young server.  Realized he had to have been at least 18, since I noticed he was serving alcohol (score!).  Got buzzed off one drink.  Decided to watch Charlie, but both Hilltop and Pleasant Hill 16 had crappy showtimes, so we went to Walnut Creek 14.


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