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First, early Saturday evening, a shooting occured in Pinole on a foot path in Fernandez Park.  One died on the scene, another died at John Muir Hospital in Walnut Creek, and a third is listed in fair conditon at the same hospital.

Pinole is the city next to Hercules and the park is in the same area as the grade school I went to.  Pinole, just like Hercules, has minimal violent crime, let alone homocides, so this is a major thing to happen there.  At this point, it seems like it was a complete random act of violence, which is even more sad.  It's like some no-life tard just decides to go out and shoot people for no apparent reason.  How fucked up is that?

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On a lighter note, apparently the new drunken craze is to TUI... Not Telephone User Interface for all you geeks out there!  Lol.  It's Texting Under the Influence.  I love this excerpt from an article I read:
Oops, wrong number

Many people have TUI stories -- they just don't remember them. Or don't want to admit them.

Like Jonathan West, who recently strolled down Lincoln Road in Miami with his partner, Mark Jeynes, both texting away. Once, West was out drinking and texted Jeynes a rather raunchy message. One problem -- he sent it to the wrong person: "Mark" is just above "Mom" on his cell's address book.

"I think I told her I was having some problems with my phone and had been receiving strange messages," he said.

HAWT!  LOL.  I just looked at my phone and Mike Webb (nightvzn) and Nate (natetl17) are wedged in between my Mom in my phonebook, so it's highly unlikely I'll be TUI with my mom... Not that I wouldn't mind sending kinky messages to either Mike or Nate.  You know I'm kidding, Nate (he'd prob kill me for making such a remark about him... lol)!

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