Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Rodeo is "the nastiest part of the East Bay"

...according to a friend of Green Day's Billie Joe and Mike.

I'm watching VH1's Driven, profiling the start and rise of Green Day.

For those of you who don't know, Billie Joe was raised in Rodeo, which is the next town over from Hercules.  Mike also moved to Rodeo at one point and it's Rodeo where Green Day was formed (people usually say Berkeley, but that's where they performed for the first time)

Anyhoo... it's great seeing the two public schools I could have attended in this show: John Swett (where Billie Joe and Mike attended) and Pinole Valley (where Mike graduated in '90)

It's also funny to see that everytime someone referenced Rodeo, they'd show footage of the oil refineries!  It's those damn oil refineries that make Rodeo the nastiest part of the EB!  LOL

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