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There's an update to the shooting in Pinole over the weekend which lead to two fatalities and one serious injury.

Apparently one of the murder victims was wearing a red shirt, which was a color of the suspect's rival gang.  However, none of the vics were in a gang.  In fact, they were pretty much clean-cut white guys who weren't fucking ghetto at all.

So yeah, the reason why two young people, who had things going for them, lost their lives was because of the color of a fucking shirt!  Does this mean that I can't be walking around Fernandez Park wearing a red Quiksilver shirt?  This is totally and utterly fucking ridiculous!

I would expect this shit coming from the Iron Triangle of Richmond, the Tenderloin in SF, Pittsburg, or the worst parts of ESJ... but in fucking Old Town Pinole, near the Hercules/Pinole city border?!?

I have just had enough of the shit that occurs on this side of the county.

The Contra Costa DA's office says the suspect is eligible for the death penalty.  I really hope he does get convicted to death.  And before he gets convicted, I hope he gets raped OZ style, complete with all the shankings.  He's a waste to society and should have no civil part with it!  There is nothing that can redeem him of not just taking away two innocent lives and disturbing the lives of those who knew them, but also contributing to the continuing deterioration of West Contra Costa County.



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